Major League Soccer – All you need to know

Looking for quality soccer predictions? Major League Soccer (or MLS) is a sports league that is regulated by the United States Soccer Federation. It is the top soccer league in the country – the equivalent to the Premier League in the UK, or the La Liga in Spain.

It was founded back in 1993, a part of a program USSF hosted to get the FIFA World Cup in 1994. The first MLS League took place in 1996, with ten teams. Unlike major European clubs, the clubs are not owned by individuals. All the clubs are owned by the MLS League, and they’re individually operated by separate league investors.

MLS functions with a different structure to other soccer leagues around the world. The season runs from early March to October. The MLS league is divided into two conferences – Eastern and Western – with every team playing 34 games.

Another factor that’s unlike other leagues is immediately after the league, the league champion is determined with a 16 team knockout tournament. This is determined by the top ranking 14 teams in the league, finishing with the MLS Cup Championship game. The most popular and best teams in MLS would be LA Galaxy, D.C United and Columbus Crew.


A brief guide to MLS betting – Where do I start finding good MLS Predictions?


The most important thing you can do before getting into MLS Predictions is do your research. Make sure you’re familiar with everything to do with MLS. The teams, the managers and which teams generally perform better than others.

You can ultimately read up as much as you can, but we’d recommend you watch as much MLS as you can to familiarise yourself with MLS before you start looking at MLS betting predictions

Betting types

MLS is one of the most popular sports to bet on, even on an international level. Knowing the kinds of bets available for MLS predictions will help you go a long way. Some of the MLS prediction types that are commonly used are

Pick the right bookie

This is the most important step for your MLS predictions. There’s plenty of sportsbooks out there that have some great MLS predictions, but you need to choose one that suits you.

One that provides great odds in your favorite format, or maybe one that provides consistent quality live streaming. Or, maybe just a bookie that provides great bonus offers on MLS predictions.

Why trust our betting tips? – Why CaptainGambling?

It’s a good question to ask, and you should ask that when searching for MLS predictions. Well, simply put, our website doesn’t waste time, we just get straight to the quality.

You only have to search CaptainGambling to see exactly how much detail, quality, and consistency we provide to our readers on a regular basis. And, we don’t just restrict ourselves to MLS betting tips. We cover the best US sportsbooks, tips for all the popular sports, and even the best US casinos.

Scan over some of our other articles we have done on sports betting tips. Maybe, our NFL betting tips article, or our NBA betting tips article. Simply put, you can see the research, and analysis we put into all of our articles.

We have a dedicated team who have put blood, sweat, and tears into finding the best MLS predictions, and MLS bookies out there – and they work tirelessly for every sport that’s available to be betted on. We provide a great framework for new bettors to try to get into their chosen sports, like MLS betting predictions.

But, we also provide a few little details and advanced techniques that veteran bettors could take something from. We provide something for everyone, and you can rest assured that CaptainGambling will not waste your time.

Our key to success: The tools we use to analyze the daily betting market – Statistics and research

Compare sites and search for value – Being a great bettor means being a patient person. So, when we’re searching for the best betting predictions, we don’t just google MLS betting picks, and click on the first sportsbook that pops up. We search the websites for the best quality.

Many factors come into play, but in particular, we always search for odds. Why waste your time on something that will not get you a great return when you succeed? The best MLS predictions come with the best sportsbooks.

Know your history

Nailing down the little details is what will help you get the best MLS Predictions. We would look at a MLS team, say L.A Galaxy, and we would break down everything.

Who’s their strongest player? How many cups have they won? What is their win-loss record against Minnesota United? How do they perform in specific venues? These little details always play a minor, or major role in MLS predictions. The saying is that history tends to repeat itself.

Leave emotion at the door

If you bet on what logic tells you to happen, rather than what you want to happen, there’s more chance you’ll succeed. Even if you’re a massive fan of Chicago Fire FC, chances are they won’t beat D.C United. We make plans based on data and statistics, not on who we like or prefer.

The best sports betting operators


Things you should think about before placing a MLS bet – knowing the game and the bets

External factors

We don’t mean if it will rain, or if there’s going to be an earthquake in Columbus. Although you won’t have to worry about either if you’re betting on fantasy soccer of course! We mean extenuating factors of previous games, or historical factors, that could play a factor into MLS predictions for today. Maybe, Atlanta United FC are on a hot streak – they’ve won three of their last four games.

Maybe, Derrick Williams picked up a hamstring strain in the LA Galaxies last game, and they have to sub him out. These factors will drastically change MLS Predictions and the odds of the game.

Types of bet

Always consider what bet you place, even if the MLS predictions look great. If you’re a new bettor to MLS predictions, we wouldn’t recommend you get dragged into parlay bets, or even point spreads.

Just focus on basic Moneylines, to give yourself the best chance of learning the game. And, if you’re an expert on a certain team, we’d absolutely recommend you make the most of that with point spreads.

Live bets

A live bet is a whole new beast than predetermined bets. If you’re going to get into live betting, especially with MLS predictions, it takes someone with a certain mindset. You have to be a quick decision-maker, be able to adapt to anything that could happen mid-game, and be prepared for sudden odds changes.

Our top 5 tips for finding your favorite bookie for MLS – The all-round MLS tipster package

We’d always tend to provide a certain bookmaker with our tips. But, with MLS betting predictions, it’s a little trickier. The truth is there’s so many great MLS predictions bookies out there, you just have to find one that suits you.

[toggle-wrapper layout=”sport”][toggle-item title=”Bonus offers”]This is critical for any sport you wish to bet on. But, any great sportsbook should offer you some great bonuses on your MLS betting. For example, maybe they’d offer you a weekly cashback on MLS predictions throughout the league. This means you’d get a percentage of your bet back if you lose an MLS prediction bet. Even bonuses like this, which seem small, make a huge difference.[/toggle-item][toggle-item title=”Great odds”]This goes without saying, but the best bookmakers have MLS predictions with great odds. Generally, you’re looking at odds above 1.3 for regular bets, and consistent spread bets that are above 1.0 range for some good potential profit[/toggle-item][toggle-item title=”Easy usability”]Good value MLS predictions are great, but it doesn’t mean a whole pile if the website doesn’t function well. Find a sportsbook that has a smooth operating website, and the best quality live streaming possible.[/toggle-item][toggle-item title=”Payments”]All payment types, deposits and withdrawals, should be simple and quick when laying down on your MLS predictions. Find a website that has quick withdrawals and deposits, and has a good variety of different payment methods.[/toggle-item][toggle-item title=”Great customer service”]If you run into a problem after you bet on your MLS predictions, you want it resolved quickly. Find an operator that has a wide range of customer service (live chat, phoneline, email), and an operator that resolves your problems efficiently, and hassle free.[/toggle-item][/toggle-wrapper]

Useful MLS betting tip vocabulary – Know your verbiage

American odds – Also known as the ‘moneyline’. Odds that are displayed in terms of money, rather than decimal or fractional. $100 is the standard. So a minus (-) odds means the amount of money that must be wagered to win $100. A plus (+) odds is the amount of money earned on a $100 wager.

Chalk – The odds on favourite to win a sporting event e.g LA Galaxy in MLS predictions

Dog – This is an abbreviation of an underdog in a sporting event e.g New York Red Bulls in MLS Predictions

First Half Bet – A wager on what the score will be at the end of the first half, and not the actual outcome

Future – Wagering on a long term winner e.g D.C United to win the MLS League Cup

Line – The Betting odds used to determine the margin between underdog and favourite

Opening Line – The initial odds on a game, that are liable to change as the game progresses

Over-Under – The betting line on the total number of goals scored in a game. For example, you may bet that LA Galaxy will score over 2 goals in your MLS predictions.

Push – When the final score falls exactly on the betting line.

Conclusion – Now you know what’s important when it comes to the best MLS bets today

All in all, there’s plenty to take away from this. A lot goes into MLS predictions, and betting on them can be frustrating business. But, once you get a basic understanding of the league, and do your research on what MLS betting is like, it will make a huge difference in the long run.

Follow our tips to know how to find the right sportsbook that provides the best MLS predictions. And, you should also get a basic understanding of the vocabulary, so you’re not lost in the scramble of MLS betting. So, get out there, and start finding MLS predictions!

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MLS Predictions FAQ


[faq-item headline=”❓ How do I start to bet on MLS?”]

Well, that depends on a number of factors. If you want to get into betting on the MLS, and MLS predictions, you have to be ready to dedicate yourself to learning all you can. There are several aspects of betting that many must learn to become great bettors – patience, understanding of the odds and your game, and analysis being only a few factors. For more information on how to become a better gambler, scroll around our website and familiarise yourself with soccer predictions and fantasy soccer tips.[/faq-item]

[faq-item headline=”⚽ Where can I find the best MLS predictions? “]

It’s difficult to answer this question generally, as there’s so many specifics at play. You have to consider a number of factors – like your familiarity with the sport, what sports bookie suits your taste, and what sports you are interested in. There are some great bookmakers out there, but some bookmakers only suit certain people. For more information, check out the sportsbook section of our website. [/faq-item]

[faq-item headline=” How much MLS predictions are the outside of the USA?”]

Major League Soccer is a soccer league that is based in the USA, and has some different factors in its regulations that differ from European soccer, or other big international soccer leagues. For example, the MLS League finishes with a knockout tournament of the top 16 teams, rather than the best two teams playing for the league championship. The season also overlaps with some major FIFA events. For more information on different sports league betting tips, check out our NFL predictions.[/faq-item]






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