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Major League Baseball is the oldest professional sports league in America. The National League was formed in 1876, and the American League was formed in 1901. Both leagues feature 15 teams, who battle it out across 162 games in the hopes of making it to the play-offs. From here, the top five teams from both leagues will look to do battle in a knock-out format to uncover who the best MLB team is for that year.

Due to the popularity of the MLB, those who wish to place a wager can do so at most reputable and legal sportsbooks. When you couple the great market availability and betting available to customers, it is unsurprising that the prospect of researching each match-up causes many bettors to swing and miss. 

With the potential for up to 15 matches to take place per day, and over 2,430 to take place throughout the season, we can understand why so many bettors opt-out of doing their research.

Thankfully, that’s where our MLB prediction gurus come into play. Below, we discuss how we find the time to offer the best MLB tips across the US.


A brief guide to MLB betting – Considerations when reviewing MLB betting predictions

When looking to create our MLB predictions, we have many contributing factors to take into account before posting our MLB betting tips to our readers. Next, we highlight a few of the key elements we take into consideration before they reach the eyes of eager MLB fans!


No shocks here. Possibly the most important member of any MLB team, the ace is responsible for nearly all the pitches during a match. Not only do we judge a pitcher based on their earned run average (ERA), style of pitch, and the number of strikeouts, but we also take a look into the Bullpen to see who will be taking over late in the game.


The MLB season starts in April and ends in November. During that time, 162 games are played – not including playoffs! The time of the season can play a huge part in our MLB predictions, particularly the latter stages when fatigue and injuries begin to set in. With this in mind, we would focus on a team with great depth rather than one key standout player.


The Red Sox-Yankees rivalry is one of the most famous rivalries across all sports. But there are plenty of other rivalries amongst the MLB that could be considered equally as fierce. Despite a team’s current standing, form, and roster, be prepared for an underdog victory when passion and pride become the driving force!

Why trust our betting tips? – MLB predictions from industry gurus

Although we take our MLB predictions very seriously here at Captain Gambling, we also offer much more than that.

Those of you who are yet to take a trip around our site fully will not have seen our fantastic betting predictions for other popular sports, our authentic and thorough reviews of the best US sportsbooks, or our state-by-state knowledge on the best bonuses and casinos.

That’s right – our accumulated knowledge spreads far and wide. But we keep our specialists researching the sports and industries that interest them.

Our MLB tipsters are dedicated fans of the sport and passionate about providing our readers with the top MLB tips for today.

There is a serious amount of number crunching going on behind the scenes. Our MLB team focuses heavily on league stats, player injuries, current form, and much more. If you are wondering where they find their info, it may be easier for us to offer a list of where they don’t look! The MLB experts exhaust all media, looking through team web pages, individual social media, reputable news providers, and even double-checking the weather!

The online market is flooded with tipsters and MLB predictions, so if you were wondering why you should trust our expert MLB tipsters here at Captain Gambling, we hope we’ve eased your concerns.

Our key to success: The tools we use to analyze the daily betting market – Making sense of the MLB betting tips for tomorrow

As noted earlier in our MLB predictions guide, our experts dedicate hours to researching and highlighting the best MLB betting tips for our readers.

Similar to the team behind our online US sportsbook reviews, our MLB team has dedicated a lot of their time to creating the perfect checklist that allows them to discover and offer great MLB betting predictions across the US.

The MLB is a lively league, with plenty of facts and figures surrounding performance readily available. Not only does this make our expert’s job easier, but it also frees up more time to allow them to research the trickier or less obvious statistics that we deem to be contributing factors to a match’s outcome.

We can uncover the wins, losses, runs scored, runs against, current form, current streak, home and away records from viewing an online league table. A simple click on a particular team will take us directly to their webpage, where our experts can uncover the latest breaking news, team sheets, and any injuries or speculations.

Away from the obvious, our experts dive into social media, check the local weather reports, skim through sports forums, and plenty more.

The web is a powerful tool. However, there is a lot to be said about reputable newspapers, matchday magazines, and breaking sporting news too.

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Things you should think about before placing an MLB bet – Considerations when reviewing MLB betting tips

Our betting predictions add a little assistance to your betting journey, but ultimately it is down to you to keep on top of your MLB wagering habits. Below, we offer a few key considerations before placing your next MLB bet.

Your understanding of the game

We do mention this briefly earlier in our MLB predictions guide, but making sure you have a sound understanding of the game, the rules, the teams, and the post-seasons format associated with the MLB is your first stepping stone to a successful MLB betting career.

Unlock any bonuses

Before wagering your hard-earned cash, have a quick look across your chosen sportsbook to see if there are any promotions or MLB-specific bonuses available to you. A parlay boost or some free betting credits are a great way to enjoy some boosted baseball fun!

Know your limits

Not the most exciting part of your MLB betting tips experience, but certainly one we consider very important. Knowing your current financial position and setting deposit limits accordingly is a great way to keep your MLB wagering habits in check. If your circumstances change, these can often be amended.

Our top 5 tips for finding your favorite bookie for MLB – Where to place your MLB betting predictions

As we discussed in our baseball predictions guide, finding a bookie that is favorable towards your desired market is imperative for betting success. At Captain Gambling, we provide a great selection of reviews on the top US sportsbooks for your perusal. Below, we explain how we come to those conclusions.

[toggle-wrapper layout=”sport”][toggle-item title=”Security & Licensing”]Laws across the US vary from state to state, so when you’re selecting your next baseball betting home, make sure you find out if your operator hosts a valid license. From here, you can look for SSL encryption, reputable payment methods, and where your funds are stored to prove how secure your site truly is.[/toggle-item][toggle-item title=”Live streaming & Data”]Betting on MLB in US is very popular, so we do not doubt that live data will be readily available at your fingertips. For a truly spectacular experience, try and find an operator who sponsors the MLB. Due to various screening rights, live streaming is usually unavailable for such significant events. But an operator who supports the MLB may host that facility![/toggle-item][toggle-item title=”Bonuses and Promotions”]As well as watching the action unfold, what better way to add to your betting experience than adding in a juicy bonus. Thankfully, our reviews dive deep into the terms and conditions too, saving you plenty of time and energy![/toggle-item][toggle-item title=”Payment Methods”]We briefly touched on payment methods as a way of checking your site’s security. However, our experts can find out much more than that. Our team rigorously vets payment methods to ensure they come with no hidden fees, charges, or lengthy deposit and withdrawal times.[/toggle-item][toggle-item title=”Accessibility”]Finding a platform that offers users the chance to wager on the go is a great way to add to your overall MLB experience. If you are at the game, bar, or a friend’s house, you could be watching the action unfold while placing an in-play wager direct from your phone![/toggle-item][/toggle-wrapper]

Useful MLB betting tip vocabulary – Understanding the baseball bookies

Ace – The best starting pitcher.

Bag – Another term for base.

Bullpen – The warm-up area for relief pitchers.Double Header – When a team plays twice in one day.Fielding Average – The percentage a player successfully fields a ball that is hit to them.K – Shorthand for strike.Money line – A simple bet placed on the winner of the match.

Pitcher – The player who throws the ball to batters.

Rookie – A baseball player who is in his first season.

Run line – A bet that favors one team to win by a number of runs.

Safe – Term used to explain when a runner makes it to the next base or home plate safely.

Single – When a batter hits the ball and reaches first base.Under/Over – A bet placed to suggest a team will have under/over X number of runs.

Conclusion – Discover the best MLB bets today

As we look to wrap up our MLB predictions guide, we thought we’d share a few of our top tips to save you from getting caught out!

To begin, find a legal and licensed bookie that is suitable to your needs. We at Captain Gambling offer some great reviews on the top US sportsbooks, who all have something unique to offer. Are you a fantasy baseball fan? If so, we can find you an operator who provides that option.

Next, do your research! By all means, take advantage of our MLB predictions for today, but also take time to check the league standings, review team sheets, have a look who is in the bullpen. From this, your knowledge will grow, and (potentially) so will your profits.

Lastly, take control. Ensure your MLB betting habit stays safe by setting sensible deposit limits. Track your wins and losses, and utilize free bets to wager on new markets or try new strategies.

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MLB Predictions FAQs


[faq-item headline=”❓ How can I find the best MLB betting tips for today?”]

Looking for MLB predictions for tomorrow and today? Here at Captain Gambling, our MLB experts search high and low to bring our readers the most comprehensive selection of MLB tips.

Whether you are looking to build your own parlay, use your bonus on a moneyline, or trial a new under/over betting strategy, we are certain our MLB predictions will help you on your quest.  [/faq-item]

[faq-item headline=” Where can I find the best MLB betting predictions?”]

Those of you who have visited the Captain Gambling site before will know that there is much more on offer than MLB predictions.

Although this section of our site is a particularly well-visited spot. We also have plenty of other sporting tips, bonus comparisons, and operator reviews that can help our readers with any aspect of their online sports betting career. [/faq-item]

[faq-item headline=” How do I know which MLB betting tip to select?”]

When looking for the latest US sportsbook bonus to boost your MLB betting tips, there are plenty of things to take into consideration.

We advise reviewing the wagering requirements, minimum deposits, bonus codes, and eligible markets to ensure your MLB betting tips are boosted to their full potential. [/faq-item]








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