American Football Betting Odds

Let’s take a look at the top American football odds around the globe. To make the most out of your bets, you’ll need a reliable odds provider.

There are many sports bookmakers available today, making it difficult to determine which one has the best odds. While each one will claim to have the best odds, the numbers speak for themselves. This article will cover almost every offer.

Here are the most important reasons to consider American football odds comparisons

It is possible to wonder if American football betting odds are really that different. The short answer to your question is yes. There will be different odds for every fixture in each of the sports markets. Each bookmaker will offer completely different odds. The odds available for each fixture can vary greatly, which could impact your chances of winning. One online bookmaker might offer odds of 2, while another may offer it at 2.2. If you choose to sign up for the second bookmaker’s offer, you will receive 10% more winnings.

You should always look around for the odds applicable to your chosen fixtures. Using the best available odds will allow you to win more if you place a successful wager. You can see our betting odds page to get a better idea of the odds.

Online vs. Offline – Choose your favorite bookie

If you’re a veteran traveller who is comfortable placing bets on football games, you may have started your career in person at a local bookmaker. Our football odds comparison will show that offline gambling is dead. Instead of having to physically visit an outlet to place a bet, you can browse the vast array of available offers online.

Online services made it easier to find the best American football betting odds. There are many online bookmakers that offer betting services, so make sure you do your research before placing a bet. You will need to look out for more appealing odds for specific fixtures once you have found the right bookmaker.

American football’s betting history

Since the beginning of bookmaking, odds have been a part of the industry. They are a way to determine how much you can earn from a particular wager. The odds are probability-based and can be applied to any sporting fixture. Bookmakers look at the performance of each team and assign their probability to a fixture when it comes to American Football betting odds. Let’s say that you want to bet on a NFL game between the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys. Each team will have their chance of winning and only a small chance of a tie. The bookmaker will assign each value and give you the chance to wager. As we go through the many odds we will encounter on our journey, pack your bags.

Decimal odds explained

When it comes to betting odds on football, the decimal format is probably the most used. It is easy to understand because they are always presented in decimal numbers. In the above example, Dallas Cowboys might have a 2.2 chance to win, 23.3 chances to tie, and Chicago Bears could have a 3.4 chance. This means that you will get multiples of the amount you spent for each unit of currency. If the Cowboys win and you place a wager, you will receive $2.20.

Explain fractional odds

Fractional odds are the most common and can be found in the form of 9/2 or 4/1. These odds state that for a $1 wager, you will get $4 in addition to the initial wager. You will also receive $9 if you place a $2 bet. Many online bookmakers offer fractional odds options. You can see how these odds work by visiting our odds for UFC and our tennis odds today pages.

American odds explained

The American odds system differs from other odds systems. Each betting option will have a positive or a negative value. If the Chicago Bears win, you could wager $100 to win $230. The Cowboys might be at -386. This means that $100 would need to be wagered to win it.

How are American football’s odds calculated?

Knowing what the odds are is one thing. But knowing how to use that information is another. Each football fixture will have its own odds. Understanding how these odds are calculated will give you valuable insight into finding the best football betting odds. We will use the decimal odds system for ease of understanding.

How do you calculate the expected value?

First, a bookmaker will assign probabilities for each football team. This includes the odds of the home team winning, the odds of the away team winning, and the chances that a tie could occur. The probabilities can be calculated in many ways, and every bookmaker will have its own method. After this, you’ll be presented with three decimal values for each outcome. Once you have received these decimal values, you can calculate the expected wager value. Take the wager value, let’s say $5, and multiply it with the decimal value that you are most likely to wager on. This will give you your winnings from the wager, and you’ll also receive your initial value back.

How do you calculate the best football odds?

It takes a bit more research to determine which American football odds are the best. Our experts first examine the football odds comparison to see if they make use of rounding profits. This is important as many bookmakers attempt to tilt the odds in their favor. To ensure the profitability margin is consistent with other online betting companies, we also examine the bets. A bookmaker that offers the best American football betting odds would have these two factors in good standing.

Top Providers with Great Football Betting Odds

Strategies for betting on odds – Your guide to the odds

You can increase your chances of winning money by using betting strategies while you’re looking at the sporting markets. While these strategies may not guarantee you winnings, they can provide valuable information about online gambling.

Arb betting strategy

Arb betting is a strategy that takes advantage of the varying prices on the sporting markets. This strategy allows you to find a sporting fixture that could be either way. Two bookmakers offer 2.12 odds that the LA Rams will win against Washington. Another bookmaker supports the Rams with odds of 1.43, while Washington is offered 2.08 odds. This discrepancy means that you can bet a certain amount on each bookmaker’s preferred odds and have a high chance of making some profits.

Strategy for matched betting

Matched betting is very similar to arb gambling. It involves placing one bet on the Denver Broncos winning a match at one betting house and another bet against them to win at another betting house with equal odds. Before you can make a matched betting strategy, it is crucial to understand the odds that you are placing your bets on. You can also check out our best boxing odds and best basketball odds pages for more information.

These are the most popular football markets

You will need to be familiar with the most popular markets and participate in the fixtures in order to make some money online. Because the NFL is one the most watched leagues in the world, the probabilities of each game are very close. This allows for bettors to have a decent chance of winning. If you want to place wagers on the games of the AFC or NFC, you’ll need to be aware of the latest news from each division.

Comparison of football odds – Quick facts

You might be thinking about a few things as you look at this odds comparison. Our experts have created this FAQ section to help answer any questions.

Your odds comparison service is free.

All of the services at are available to everyone who is interested. The full range of information available at is free to all interested parties. All this information has been compiled by our experts in an easy-to-understand format, so everyone can use it.

Why should I look at other bookies instead?

You can’t consider signing up with another bookmaker if you already have one. If you only have one bookmaker, you may not be able to use the betting strategies we have discussed here. We recommend customers to keep abreast of the latest market offers to diversify their betting options and get the best deal.

What are the differences between offline and online odds?

You will be looking for the best football betting odds, regardless of whether you like betting in a physical shop or prefer to wager at home. Although odds offered in-store are usually the same as those listed online, it is possible for them to offer specials every so often. This football odds comparison will help you find the best odds available and allow you to compare them to the odds at your local bookmaker outlet. This should give you an indication of which method works best for your particular fixture.

Find the best football odds by getting out there!

You should now have an in-depth understanding of American football betting odds. Every bookmaker offers odds on the many football matches that are played every day. You have to stay up-to-date with all the football divisions and come back here for the best odds.

If you don’t spend the time to research the game and have no strategy for placing your bets, the best football odds might not offer the greatest chance. You can simply place a bet and let Lady Luck decide the outcome. You may prefer to make small profits by using well-known strategies. Then, read the following information to discover the best strategies and top places in the industry to start your football wagering adventures.

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FAQ: Best Football Odds

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If you’re interested in placing a bet on some of the most important sporting events, you need to make sure you are getting the best odds. It can be difficult to keep up with all the online operators and ensure that you’re betting with the best bookmaker. has created this page to compare football odds in order for you to have the most current information about the online betting industry. To learn more, visit our page.

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Even the most experienced punter can find it difficult to find the best odds available. There are new bookmakers opening all the time, and some might be better than others. We’ve compiled a list of all the current football odds available online. They are all conveniently located in one location for you to make the most of them. You can find all the details on our page.


[faq-item headline=”Are American football betting odds different?”]

Different bookmakers offer different odds for different fixtures. One bookmaker might be biased towards one team while another could favor the opposition. You might consider looking at all the available offers to find the one that suits you best, depending on how your wager is going.’s comparison has compiled all the odds offered by the most reputable bookmakers and placed them in one place. Visit our page for more information.


[faq-item headline=”What are the steps to get the best American Football odds?”]

You will need to have a variety of documents depending on the bookmaker you choose to support before you can open an account with the online operator. We take a detailed look at every service provider and provide the details you need to set up your account. not only offers the best odds of finding the game, but also provides detailed reviews about the operators who offer these odds.