What are the best betting odds?

Not only will we help you find the best odds of winning, but we’ll also show you how to use and calculate odds. We will also help you find a site offering good value sports betting odds.

There are so many sports betting sites available in the gambling industry, it’s hard to know where to go. This is why we offer a bookmaker odds comparison.


Why do you need to compare s betting odds

Since the creation of the second-ever online bookie, the need to compare and shop for bookmaker odds has been a constant fascination. As consumers, we find it beneficial that there is competition in all industries. The amount of competition has exploded since the majority of the global gambling industry went online.

In 2022, the crypto-betting sites will be competing to offer the best and best odds. The technology used to calculate odds has evolved into a business.

Be aware of the odds before placing your bets!

While too many options are a positive thing, it can make it difficult to find the best betting odds. Expert odds comparison websites like ours can help you find the best odds for you. As you can see, we go beyond naming the best overall odds. We have also listed the best odds for specific sports.

This is not a site where experts tell you what to do. Think of it as a tool you can use to find the best betting odds, no matter where you are or on any sport. We’ll also show you how the bookmakers calculate their odds. This will ultimately lead to the best strategies for sports betting.

Online or Offline – Which one will give you the best est gambling odds?

There are many old-school, offline betting options available, from the High Street bookies of the UK to the Melbourne Racetracks in Australia and the In-Casino betting shops in New Jersey. Do we really need to be so lazy with trying to filter through all the online sportsbooks and odds?

Yes, it is worth the effort. The advanced technology used to calculate online odds beats old school methods every time. The best online sports betting app will have better odds than any land-based betting shop in almost every case. This rule can be used anywhere in the gambling world.

Always do your research on the odds of winning, no matter where you are betting from

Online betting can be as profitable as any other offline endeavor if you take the time to research, compare the odds and do your homework. It’s best not to place a bet without comparing the odds at other sites. It’s not enough to find the best odds site and stick with it if you want to make the most of the odds comparison. You will want to find the best odds for every transaction if you are serious about making a commitment.

A journey through time – The history and betting odds of s port

In 16th-century England, the first records of odds-related phrases were made. Shakespeare used the phrase ten to one in his play Henry IV.

Let’s move on to the details. The arrival of probability theory some years after Shakespear made the first known use of odds. The basic idea of odds is a numerical display that allows you to determine the likelihood of an outcome and how much you can win for your stake.

What are the main odds types?

There are many types of odds, depending on where you are traveling to. However, the most common ones you will find online are American, fractional and decimal odds. Below is a brief explanation of each type of odds and how they work.

  1. Fractional odds – What are fractional chances?
    These might be the odds you are most familiar with if you are new to betting. Fractionals are sometimes called “British Odds” and is still the most popular betting odds format in the UK. Fractional odds display two numbers on either side of a dash, e.g. 2/1. One fraction represents one outcome and the other the opposite. Although simple fractional odds can be easy to grasp, they can become more complex. We have provided below a detailed explanation of how each type of odds is calculated.
  2. Decimal odds – How do decimal odds work?
    Decimal odds are the most widely used odds worldwide. Their popularity is due to their simplicity and logic. If you are not in the US, UK or other parts of Asia, there is a 99 percent chance that the default format for the sports betting website you log on to is decimal. If you only want to know how one type or odds works, decimal odds will be displayed in a ratio, such as 2:1. Notably, 2/1 fractional odds does not equal 2:1 decimal. We will explain how to convert these odds types in the odds calculation section.
  3. American odds – What makes American odds different?
    American odds can only be used in the United States, as their name implies. These odds are made up of both positive and negative numbers. They can be confusing at first, especially for those who have been used to working with fractional or decimal odds. It’s really easy once you get to grips with them. We’ll explain how in the calculation section. It all boils down to logic. The best odds of winning are positive and the lowest are negative.

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How are sports betting odds calculated in 2022

Large gambling companies have dedicated departments that work to provide better odds of winning than their competition on a regular basis. We have broken down each type of odds below to explain how the basics of betting odds are calculated.

How can you calculate fractional odds?

Fractional odds are a way to see if each number will lead to a different outcome. Let’s take as an example 2/1. The implied probability is calculated by multiplying the sum of both numbers by 100, and then multiplying it by the second number. This is how it works with odds of 2/1:

100 = 33.3% x 1. = 33.3%

To find out how much you can win with fractional odds, multiply your stake by the highest number and divide it by 0. This would be the result if you were to place a $10 wager on odds of 2/1.

($10×2 = 20), (20/1/ = $20)

How do you calculate decimal odds?

You can calculate your chance of winning by using decimal odds by simply multiplying 1 by the odds by 100. As an example, let’s take the odds of winning at 3.1.

(1/3.1) x 100 = 32.25%

Simply multiply your stake by the odds to calculate your potential winnings. For example, a $10 stake with odds of 3.1 means that your potential winnings would be 3.1 x 10 = $30. While fractional winnings calculations only give you potential profits, the decimal equation gives you your total returns.

How can you calculate American odds?

There are two ways to calculate your probability of winning with American odds: positive numbers and negative numbers.

What does it mean to have positive numbers odds?

Positive number odds are the value of your stake if you place $100. If you place $100, your odds of winning $200 are +200.

What are the odds of a negative number?

Negative number odds dictate the stake you need to make in order to win $100. To win $100, you would need to place $200 if your odds are -200.

Using odds calculators

This article will give you an overview of how to calculate your potential winnings. Although it is helpful to have some knowledge, you don’t need to be able to use the calculator every time that you place a wager. cryptogmblr.com has many guides to help you use our odds calculators. Now, think about the type of bets that you are placing and the outcome you want from your odds calculator. Take this example:

cryptogmblr.com offers a variety of odds calculators. We are here to help you make the most of your betting endeavors.

The best bet odds strategies

You can use your comparison to find the best odds. However, there are many betting strategies that you can employ to increase your winning chances and your odds of success. We’ve listed below a few of the most common betting strategies that can help you increase your online odds in 2022.

What’s arbitrage betting?

This strategy is also known as Arbing. It involves using our odds comparison to determine the best back bets. Arbing is a betting strategy that involves placing both back and laid bets on sporting events. This ensures that you have a positive win percentage regardless of the outcome. Before placing a bet at an exchange, make sure you shop around for the best odds of opposite outcomes.

What does matched gambling mean?

Matched betting is basically taking multiple bets, signing up bonuses or free bets offered by bookies, and then turning them into real cash wins. This is done by using a combination o back and lay betting and free bets to transform a game of chance into a mathematical equation that guarantees profits. In some cases you may end up with less in real cash than your free bet. However, the stake was free so it’s still a plus. If you have a match betting strategy and you win $25, then you are technically still $25 ahead.

Which are the most famous betting markets?

Different sports have different betting markets and so there are different odds. We’ve listed the most popular gambling sports and the best odds for each.

Soccer (Soccer), Betting Markets and Odds

Depending on your location, soccer is the most watched sport worldwide. It’s no surprise that it is also the most popular betting sport in 2022. Pre-match markets that are popular for football betting include match winners, clean sheets and both teams to score.

Live betting in football is very popular. The next player/team to score is the most sought-after option. There are many options for betting on European leagues at almost every sportsbook. This means that there is a lot of searching to do in order to find the best soccer odds.

UFC Betting Markets

Bets on a winner-loser outcome are the most popular UFC betting market. You can also bet on the round and the winning method – TKO or submission. Although live betting isn’t as popular as field sports, it’s still very popular for UFC. However, the longer the fight is, the more in-play bets become popular. Then, punters can jump in to call the end of the next round. Find the best UFC betting odds here.

Tennis betting

The basic concept of tennis betting is the same as other types of sports betting, and the odds are getting increasingly competitive. You’ll find the same types of bets in tennis as on football, rugby, and other sports, including matched bets, set betting handicaps, over-unders, and matched bets. In-play betting markets are popular because tennis matches can be quite long.

American pro sports

We have gathered all the most popular American sports under one roof so that you don’t have to spend too much time. You don’t have to look for a specialty American sportsbook to get the best NFL, MLB, or NBA betting odds in 2022. The popularity of the NFL has increased throughout the gambling industry, just as soccer has grown in popularity in the US in the last decade.

Horse betting market

This is, of course, the most well-known and oldest form of gambling in the world. The horse racing industry would not be what it is today without gambling. It can be a lucrative and fun betting sport, but it requires a lot of research, care, and attention.

You should be familiar with the basic types of bets: winners and each-way. Multi and combo bets are also popular. Pick 6 is another option. Horse betting doesn’t allow for in-play betting because the races aren’t long enough to make it possible. You should also use an odds comparison to horse betting. It is important to look for tips and enter early because horse betting odds drift more than any other sport.

Newty betting markets

It is 2022 and the online gambling industry has expanded the range of bets available to us beyond sports. Television, politics and awards shows like the Oscars are some of the most popular markets for betting. Major global events like the US election can drive as much traffic as major sporting events to betting sites and sportsbooks.

Odds – Tips to maximize your bets

Is the Odds Comparison Free?

Our odds comparison at cryptogmblr.com can be used free of charge and by anyone, anytime. We don’t believe it’s fair to charge for our services, just like other price and service comparison websites. You can basically think of us the Skyscanner in the odds world. We don’t care if you are comparing odds for your first time or if you’re looking for an advanced strategy for betting, our comparison will suit you. We are also a global site that strives to be accessible from all corners of the gambling industry.

Do I need to bet with more than one bookie?

What are the differences between online and offline odds?

How does Comparing Odds help me find the best bonuses?

What is the difference between Pre-Match Odds and Live Odds.

Beginning your sportsbook odds journey

Here’s everything you need to know regarding our odds and betting comparison. We also have some tips to help you make the most of it when you are on your sports betting journey. Keep in mind the markets that you are interested in, the sports that you will be betting on and the strategies that you wish to use. Before you embark on any trip, it is important to have your luggage packed. Good odds are also an essential part of your packing list.

We recommend that you shop around to find the best odds and sign up to multiple sites. However, it is important to keep things moving at a steady pace. This is especially important for beginners and those who are less experienced in the gambling world.

This page is almost over, but you still have a lot to look forward to.

Do you know the impact of your payment method on your online security and privacy? To help you choose the best online betting payment method, use our deposit comparison.

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Sports Betting Odds FAQ

[faq-wrapper] [faq-item headline=”What are the odds that you will win a sports betting?”]

This question can be answered in a variety of ways. Which sport do you wager on? Which market are you betting? What market are you betting on? These are important questions to answer before you can determine the odds of your bet being successful. cryptogmblr.com will provide all the information you need about betting odds on sports and how they work.[/faq-item]

[faq-item headline=”How do I read sports betting odds?”]

There are many betting odds formats that you can choose from, each one being slightly different. You’ll likely come across the fractional, decimal, and American formats most often. Here is a guide to how to read each of these. Our guides are updated regularly for all markets, odds betting sports and strategies at cryptogmblr.com.[/faq-item]

[faq-item headline=”Which site offers the best odds of sports betting?”]

Online sportsbooks are plentiful and varied. Therefore, it is not easy to find the one that offers the best overall odds of winning. To find the best odds on each bet, you can use an odds comparison website like cryptogmblr.com. Horse racing odds might be different from football.[/faq-item]

[faq-item headline=”How much do sports bettors win?”]

Although there may be data available, it’s unlikely that this will help you in your betting decisions. To increase your odds of winning, do your research about the strategies, odds and sports you are betting on. Although there are some luck factors, sports betting does not resemble the lottery. You can find betting strategies and odds here.[/faq-item][/faq-wrapper]