Konami Games’ magnificent leap from local arcade to global slots – A brief history

Just a mere four years later, the company was already busy designing arcade games, signaling the start of its stellar future in casino gaming software and Konami slot machines. After the arcade section fell flat, the owners of Konami made smart intuitive decisions and steered the company into the direction of manufacturing slot machines. Today, Konami’s Gaming & System Business is the fourth biggest video game and slots manufacturer in Japan.

The company’s next smart move happened in 1978 when company officials began to reach out and establish strong relationships with US game developers. This gave the company clarity about the requirements of successful game design and they managed to be wildly successful thanks to this smart move.

Konami first entered the gaming market in 1996 and, while expanding its Gaming and System Business as we know it, it also secured gaming licenses in major global gaming markets like the US and Australia, which helped the company grow immensely even while it offers Konami free slots.

Konami has been and still is famous for designing some of the most epic slot machines over the years, and in 2005, company leaders decided to move the company head office to Las Vegas where they could be at the epicenter of all slot machines action.

And, true to its nature, it began a fully-loaded production of seriously impressive slot machines and also opened other operation bases in California, elsewhere in Nevada, and even Sydney, Australia, where the slots business has been booming.

We can’t wait to see what’s next from Konami

As the gaming market continues to grow with the opening of new casinos and integrated resorts that offer gambling facilities, Konami slots are never far behind, staying on the heels of the latest global casino developments.

Konami’s Gaming & System Business as we know it today develops, manufactures, distributes, and services gaming machines as well as casino management systems for the ever-growing casino market.

However, Konami is not as young as some other casino software companies. Konami was founded in 1969 and was initially a business focused on repairing and renting jukeboxes in Osaka, Japan.



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