Who are IGT?

IGT stands for International Game Technology and is actually one of the oldest companies dedicated to casino software there is that really made it to the top in the casino industry as we know it today. And, when we say “oldest,” we mean it. When IGT started doing business, there were no online casinos, and the company was constructing and selling actual slot machines to brick & mortar casinos.

In fact, IGT, then known as A-1 Supply, was founded in 1975 by William Redd, also known as “The King of Slot Machines.” The company’s name then changed to Sircoma, and in 1981, it officially became IGT.

From here on, IGT would undergo a lot of selling, buying, and mergers before becoming the IGT that we know today. For example, the company was sold to Gtech in the mid-80s, and during the mid-90s, international expansion happened with IGT opening offices in South Africa and Argentina.

Watch out, ‘cause IGT’s not done yet

Today IGT employs more than 12,000 people in more than 100 countries across the globe. The company provides some of the top IGT slot machines, online IGT slots, table games, and video poker, blackjack, and a range of other games.  In 2015, IGT raked in $4.69 billion in revenue and a whopping $56 million in profit.

If you want to experience some premium IGT slots, look out for Apollo, Widow Bubble, CrazeCandy, BarsCash, and Cleopatra. If you’re looking for some good table games, look for BaccaratCarribean, Stud Poker Texas Hold’em, and BlackJack Power, and live games include Triple/Five/Ten PlayTriple Chance and Poker100. You’d say every casino should be an IGT casino.

Ever heard of IGT? Just kidding, we know you have. If a slot machine could be represented in letters, it would be IGT. And, it’s important to add that this didn’t happen overnight — IGT has been around for a long time, grafting and adapting to the casino business’s requirements to create the perfect user experience.




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