Who should make use of the comparison?

We all would probably prefer our payouts to be as fast as possible. But having a fast payout online casino isn’t the only thing to take into account. Really, we’re not talking about who would want to get their money as quickly as possible, but how high a priority it should be for you. First off, many of us have traded an online casinos instant withdrawal for other factors.

You also need to consider how much you enjoy the site generally, how secure they are, whether they have all the different games that you want to play, alongside things like promotions and customer service. There’s a whole list of things to consider when it comes to finding your perfect casino site. That’s why we don’t look at things in a vacuum. We consider everything a casino has to offer and weigh up all of the positives and the negatives before providing a recommendation.

So, who should consider the merits of a fast payout casino? Most people we’d say, but it does have a higher priority for some more than others. Really, what you need to ask is how high a priority it is for you. We can’t tell you the answer to that – it’s really down to your needs and your patience. So, consider how much you prefer a fast payout casino over other factors, and use that to help you find the right casino for you.

Operator Checklist: Top 5 steps for a secure & fair gambling experience

Regardless of how important you consider finding a fast withdrawal casino – or even possibly an instant withdrawal casino – to be to you, absolutely nothing should be considered more important than your security. Never, no matter how tempting, should you trade speed for safety.

Going through security checks, however, doesn’t mean compromise. The reason we do these checks (alongside our other tests) is so we can concentrate on all the things that make casinos great, including the crypto casino games, the slot games, the bonuses, and yes, the fast payout casinos can offer in certain circumstances. Before that though, we have to make sure they adhere to certain basic standards, and these are the factors we consider.


There’s plenty of places to start when it comes to looking for a secure and fair gambling experience and one of the absolute best is to begin, well, at the beginning. We’re talking about a site’s history. Not only is a long and storied tenure a good omen for their quality, but it also gives us the chance to see whether there’s anything notable in their past which would suggest to us that a site may not be trustworthy.

Any scandals about not paying, for instance, would be the worst possibility for someone looking for fast payout casinos. If they’ve been around for a long time with nothing notably controversial, we can move onto our next point.


Going hand in hand with the history of a betting site is, of course, its reputation. Naturally, if a casino site has decades of great betting credentials, their reputation will be better than one without. Regardless of time frame though, we’ll be looking at what people are saying about the site right now.

Alongside the other tests we do on any betting site, we always recognise that our experience is just that, it’s ours. It may be a good indication of what people can expect but if many others have had bad experiences, then it’s possible we just got luck. Therefore, this provides us with some really excellent context. When we’re checking for reputation, we also check who has a reputation for being a fast payout online casino too, to see if the reality stacks up to the promises made on banking pages.


No matter what kind of payment method you’re using, you should view the legitimacy of an operator to be of absolute paramount importance. We talked about the worst outcome for someone hoping for a fast payout online casino being no payout, and well, if it doesn’t pass these basic standards, that is a whole lot more likely.

A legitimate license not only means that the site is operating above the law but also that the bookmaker is actually accountable to a governing body. This means they can’t simply do what they want. One last note is that not all licenses are made equal, with some having higher standards than others. That is why, whenever we are making these checks, we always ensure that said license is from a reputable commission, as should you.


If you’re unsure of what we mean by encryption, don’t worry, you don’t need to have a computing degree to wrap your head around how it works, even if the technology behind it is deeply advanced. Think of it like how you don’t need to know much about circuitry to turn on a computer. Encryption is technology utilised by betting sites to ensure that nobody can get hold of your sensitive financial data and use it for nefarious means.

Usually, this isn’t too hard to find, as operators are happy to advertise this fact somewhere on their site, often in the terms and conditions. If we can’t find it, we generally ask customer service. At that point though, if we still have no signs that protection is readily available, it’s a big red flag for us, even if we were talking about an instant withdrawal casino. Your safety is just too important.

Fair and random games

This is one part of the security equation that is often overlooked by people. Generally, we are wise to the need for licenses and understand that keeping our financial data safe from strangers on the internet is crucial. However, the games are just assumed to be fair by many.

This is actually something to deeply consider because unfair casino games basically renders the whole experience a scam. Luckily, this can be tested through independent verification, which is where operators pay a third party to prove their games are indeed fair and random. Once again, this is the kind of thing that most operators – fast payout casinos or otherwise – are very happy to advertise.

Editor’s recommendation – the best operator

So, you’re looking for the best online casino for fast payouts as a priority?  Let’s talk about the factors which will have an impact in this regard. It’s important to be aware that the operator and how fast they process withdrawals is only one element of this. That’s right, the fast withdrawal casino doesn’t actually have as much influence over that payout speed as you initially thought.

The other key factor to take into account is the type of currency you are using. For instance, if you’re using bitcoin, that option takes a certain amount of time to process because of how that currency works. If you want to know a bit more about this, you can do research on mining to get a better understanding.

What’s important to know though, beyond the technical jargon, is that side of the payment processing time is beyond the control of the casino operator. Therefore, it’s vital to not consider this the operator’s fault, because you won’t find much of a difference in that regard elsewhere and may end up missing out on what could have been the best operator for you.

This is how our experts test operators

There are a whole bunch of tests we conduct whenever we are looking at an operator and seeing if they’re worthy of our recommendation. These include things like testing the quality of the promotions, the game variety, and so on. However, we know readers for this article are especially interested in our recommendations for fast payout casinos.

With that in mind, we’ll go through some of the tests we undertake so you know that when we say a site is a fast payouts online casino, we really mean it.

1. Check to see what banking options are available

As we’ve said before, fast payout casinos and banking options are naturally intertwined. If you don’t use a payment method capable of providing a fast withdrawal casino, for instance, then no amount of quality from the operator’s side will make any difference .

2. Look at what the operator states are the actual transaction times

Obviously, the next step is to see what the operator says the transaction times will be. When it comes to the top level of casino sites, they should be quite similar across different payment methods. That’s because, in many instances, there are limits to how quick it can be, meaning even the most fast payout casino has its limitations.

3. Research their reputation in this regard

Once again, no matter how vigorously we test these things, ultimately our experience isn’t as good as the wealth of experience of the collective customers of a casino site. Therefore, we conduct extensive research to see if anyone has had any issues with payments. If a casino says they are an instant withdrawal casino and aren’t living up to it, we want to know.

4. See the quality of customer service

Sometimes there could be confusion of an issue with payment and this could have nothing to do with the site itself. Vital then for those interested in efficiency is the quality of the customer service. We’re talking about how good the Help section is, what the contact options are, and also how well customer service staff respond when we do get in touch. If there’s an issue, this could make a huge difference in how long it takes for you to get your payout.

5. Look for any technical issues

One of the reasons a withdrawal could go wrong or face issues is if the site isn’t working at its best on a technical level. We, of course, check out the reputation of the operator in this regard too, but we also test out as much of the site as we can. This includes technically strenuous stuff like the live casino, as well as seeing how smoothly the banking process itself works. If the casino can’t move fast, then the likelihood of it being a fast payout online casino drastically decreases.

Finding the right operator for you

Really, when we are talking about fast payout casinos, we’re talking about casino sites that have reached the limit of what is possible utilising that currency. No casino can make bitcoin mining go faster, and it’s not a sign of quality that they can’t.

Instead of trying to find a faster casino, you should find one that hits the top possible level, because promises beyond that can’t be fulfilled. We know, we wish all payment methods could work in a snap and all casinos – no matter what payment method used – would be the fastest withdrawal online casino but that is simply not the reality.

Once this benchmark has been met, you can start to look for other things in your search for the best bitcoin betting site for you, from free spins to game variety, and everything in between.


Finding a fast payout casino that offers speedy withdrawals is as much about finding one which carries the payment method you prefer as anything else. If the casino is meeting the best possible standards from their end, really, there’s not only little else they can do but little you can expect from anywhere else.

Instead, you should ensure that the fast payout online casino in question is doing the best they can, and consider what other things matter to you when it comes to finding the best operator possible. Speed is important, but never sacrifice your enjoyment and security for a quicker payout.