Clear Ruleset

Using self regulatory forces of markets

The self regulation of the CBD market begins with the drafting of a declaration of commitment by the initiative, which is to be understood as a basis for dialogue with science and authorities. Binding standards are also to be implemented in the declaration, obliging all association members to comply with and ensure transparency, quality and consumer protection, as well as to handle CBD products responsibly. Violations of the aspects of responsible action anchored in the Declaration of Commitment are to lead directly to exclusion from the association.


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Sound Product Descriptions

A further measure is the establishment of clear product descriptions for the CBD content in products. This measure entails not only Cannabinoid analysis for every product, but also toxicological analysis for every produced batch. This serves to ensure quality standards, since there are Companies out there, which sell CBD-Products that are in fact contaminated with heavy metals or other toxines. If Cannabinoids are being used as a by-product or merely an. additive, the companies have to make sure that the supplier is giving them the right data for each batch. This measure separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to dubious products from dubious suppliers and is thus also an expression of consumer protection.


Cannabinoids Unlimited

We believe in a co-existence of pharmacological products and non-pharmacological products. While vitamins can also be bought in pharmacies for example, they can also be purchased in retail without the backdrop of limiting the possibilities of one or the other. Many products in the nutritional industry, for example, can be bought in bulk without limiting their go-to-market strategy or harming pharmacies. Every overregulation in this shall be opposed since there has already been European High court rulings to this matter. This aims towards the producers of i.e. CBD Isolates, so anybody can get the products in the concentration they want.


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Avoid overregulating bodys that serve only lobby groups and not customer protection

According to European law, it is apparent from Article 4 of Directive 88/388 that the use of flavourings which do not contain any element or substance in a toxicologically dangerous quantity is permitted. This is the rule that we abide and want to push forward. The consumer shall be informed and self capable of making decisions of how much CBD he/she wants and in which concentration

Only this way organic farmers will stand the chance to supply CBD products to common markets and survive. Every other way will only push policies that make the young European hemp industry heavily dependent from 3rd country imports (e.g.from Canada/USA/China)

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