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It can be difficult to find the best football betting app. There are so many things to take into consideration and mistakes to avoid. cryptogmblr.com is here to help you find a safe and easy way to bet on football.

Comparing football betting apps involves looking for valid betting licenses in your state, finding apps that work properly and smoothly, and making sure you don’t download a bad app that doesn’t cover all the important football markets. This guide is a guide that will help you find safer and more efficient app-based betting.

<Providers with the Best Football Betting App

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Safe and fair gambling with these top apps – Choose a trusted top soccer betting app that suits you today

cryptogmblr.com’s expert guide is the ideal companion for your next remote trip to sports betting.

Many people are unsure whether these apps are safe and secure. This is understandable as there are many scams and fake sites in the betting industry. However, we can assure that all betting apps that we review pass a stringent series of tests. We only recommend betting apps that pass these tests.

Each top-rated football betting app is scrutinized by our team. We examine their licenses here in the US, as well as further afield. They are also regulated closely. What data encryption methods they use. cryptogmblr.com is safe no matter where you are located in sports betting.

Editor’s choice – The best football betting app according To cryptogmblr.com

It was difficult to choose one of the many state-of-the art betting apps flooding the US market over recent months.

You can bet on the New England Patriots, the 49ers or the Patriots. All the apps in our comparison have great market coverage and offer amazing odds for US and International football. Bet365 is the best app for US football betting.

Bet365 has a strong reputation in the industry and is licensed in New Jersey and Hard Rock Atlantic City. This license allows Bet365 to be a trusted and safe option for football bettors. We also love Bet365’s football betting app. Android and iOS users can expect a simple layout with customizable odds tools, access to hundreds niche markets and even poker and casino games should they get bored watching the NFL.

The limits are fair and the odds are fairly market-beating. If you sign up quickly, Bet365 offers a great free bet for US customers. This makes Bet365 our favorite football betting app.

How our experts tested apps – data and criteria – How did we choose our best football betting app

What criteria were we using to determine the best football betting app? As we mentioned above, each app is subject to the same tests every time. This ensures fair comparisons between operators. These are the criteria we evaluate:

1- Bonuses

A decent bonus for newbies is a must for any sports betting app. We look at what is available.

2 Usability

We tested its functionality, speed, and usability, whether it is a cricket betting app or football NBA.

3 Payments

Each legit app must encrypt your personal data and provide secure payment methods. Each app’s T&Cs regarding payments are carefully reviewed.

4- Customer service

Who are you going to call if something goes wrong? We tested live chat, email responses times, and US hotlines.

5 Licensing

All trusted betting apps must be licensed and regulated in America. We examine licenses and industry reputations.

6- Extra perks

We understand that American gamblers demand the best so we offer any loyalty and VIP perks.

7-Betting markets

We have narrowed down the top football betting apps that offer access to NFL, XFL and College Football markets.

8- Odds

Amazing odds are what you want from a football betting app. We compare the odds of each app against their competitors.

9- In play betting

Flexibility is the key to app development. We examine whether there are live betting, streaming or real-time betting options.

10 Betting limits

Limits are important, no matter if you’re betting on the NFL or the horse betting app. These are the details of their comparisons.

Find the right operator – Finding the best football betting apps

We have you covered, whether you are looking for the best app to play football, or if you want to move from a web-based provider that leaves much to be desired in remote betting, we can help you.

Our highly-streamlined operator comparison rates every top football betting app available on the market and ranks them in every category. This includes odds and bonuses, licensing and betting limits. Cross-reference providers to find the perfect operator for your football betting needs.

You can read our detailed reviews of each operator to learn more about them. Or, use our market-specific comparisons to find the best betting app for other sports.

Other operators offering great football betting apps

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Which apps do our experts use to make their job easier? Find the best apps features

Although the best football betting app we have might not be right for you, it does offer some unique features that are not available with other remote betting apps. Here are some features that you should look out for in a market-leading app. These features can help you make a decision if you aren’t sure between two major competitors.

Player statistics and information

You can be a J.J. Watt or Rob Gronkowski fan, but the best betting apps for American Football will provide stats and information about players to help you analyze player trends for niche bets.

In-play Betting

Top football betting apps should allow you to place real-time bets on the top games. Bonus points for operators that offer enhanced odds on NFL fixtures in-play or last-minute promotions.

Live streaming

This feature is rare, so it’s worth keeping an eye on any operator that offers it. You can stream the NFL and other leagues live on certain football betting apps. This allows you to keep track of all the action and modify your betting slip in one place.

Chat functionality and interaction with the Bettor

Many apps now allow you to chat with other bettors and discuss results and forecasts. This social feature will help you go that extra mile in your football betting journey. Who knows? You might even meet new friends.

Instant payments

Nothing is more frustrating than getting into a game and being notified about an odds-booster for some in-play opportunities. Then, you find out that your in-app cash has run out. To keep you playing longer, pushing your bets further and making it easier for you to deposit instantly, the best bookies provide instant deposit options – usually in-play and with just a few clicks.

Top Operator Bonuses on the Best Football Betting App

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5 top tips – The most important things to remember when selecting the best app

When we travel the internet looking for the best football betting app, our expert reviews and in-depth analyses leave no stone unturned. Some criteria are more important than others for most bettors. Here are the top five things that we think are most important when selecting a new betting app.

Licensing covers everything

In the United States, online and app-based betting is somewhat gray. Apps that offer football betting should be licensed by state authorities such as the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board or the New Jersey Division Gaming Enforcement (DGE). These authorities provide a seal of approval that the apps are legal to use in the states. Bonus points if the preferred operator is eCOGRA certified. Learn as much as you can about gambling laws in your state and stick to them. Only bet with licensed operators.

Get the support that you need

Technology is amazing when it works well, but every smartphone application, from betting apps and football bookmakers, has its faults and glitches. You should have access to 24/7 customer support for the best apps. While having a phone hotline is great, live chat can be much more efficient. You can upload screenshots and provide detailed information to help speed up the resolution. You get bonus points if an app offers 24/7 support in your local time zone.

Check the state, country and device restrictions

Many big betting brands offer betting apps in multiple jurisdictions. However, online betting is a new development in the US. This means that apps for all states or the entire country are not always available. Do not claim a bonus from an operator’s website and then find out that they do not offer a US-based app. Also, make sure that you verify that the preferred operator supports iOS, Android, and any other mobile device you may use for betting.

Prioritize functionality

Bet365 was our top-rated football betting app. This is primarily due to its intuitive iOS and Android apps that are well-designed, extremely easy-to-use and almost completely glitch-free. It’s obvious that functionality is a key consideration when you are looking for a reliable betting app. Look out for both expert and consumer reviews about the apps you are interested in, as well as any “try before buying” features that operators may offer. While free-to-play games are common in casino apps, sports betting can be a bit more challenging. We recommend that you do your research on the operator before you register. Look for those who have positive customer reviews, and avoid any that are known to cause complaints.

Don’t forget payment safety

It is just as important to ensure that the bank and payment department are secure and safe as it is to find an operator who has been properly licensed. The best football betting apps will often shout loudly about the security measures they take to protect personal and financial data. Secure Socket Layer encryption (SSL), is a good option to keep your information private. Apps that provide two-factor authentication for your login details to safeguard your information in the event of your phone being stolen are bonus points.


Conclusion – Our final words about how to find the best soccer betting app

Bet365 is currently our number one football betting app in the US. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best option for your betting needs. These are the three golden rules to remember when you’re trying to find the right app for your football betting adventures.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the best betting app, but these three essential criteria will help you save your money.

Best Football Betting App FAQ


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You can find a lot of online betting sites in the US . However, not all operators offer a compatible app for both iOS and Android phones. cryptogmblr.com’s experts rank and review the top betting apps in each state. We also list the best bonuses and free bets as part of our regular bookmaker reviews. Get the most recent information.[/faq-item]

[faq-item headline=”Are betting on football apps safe?”]

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