Who should make use of the comparison?

Really, when asking who should make the most of crypto games, the answer is pretty obvious. If you’re someone who wants to get involved with crypto casino sites – or if you’re someone who already has an account but wants to make the most of the experience – then finding the best crypto games is something you should be interested in.

After all, who really wants to play games that aren’t their best possible option? Who wants less value or a less enjoyable experience? Ultimately, better games mean a better time on the casino. In other words, pretty much everyone who wants to use cryptocurrencies for betting should be interested in finding the best games.

We suppose the only real complication would be if you’re not sure whether bitcoin betting is right for you more generally. In that case, we would suggest a key candidate for all crypto games is anyone who wants the best possible casino experience while enjoying the additional benefits of security and anonymity.

Operator Checklist: Top 5 steps for a secure & fair gambling experience

When people think of security, they don’t necessarily always think of games as their first place to check. Understandably, people tend to go to things like licenses and encryption first. Of course, those things are massively important and should be considered baselines to what is acceptable when it comes to casinos, because you need any operator you’re using to be both legitimate and secure with regards to your data.

However, the fairness and security of the games themselves are something you can consider just as vital. Not all games are made equal and some could even be unfair – that is, not allowing you a fair chance of winning. Don’t worry though, this is no lucky dip as there are several methods you can employ – and things we always check for – to ensure the games you’re enjoying are provably fair and secure.

The credential of the casino itself

People tend to begin with the security of the casino site itself. Not only is this important in ensuring things like your details are secure but it’s also an important first step when it comes to assessing the quality and the security of casino games.

Just to be clear, this shouldn’t be the only step, but it’s an important step nonetheless. This is because the trustworthiness of the site in general is usually a good reflection of the games. A bad operator which has not passed these basic tests is much more likely to be below par when it comes to their games. Put it this way, it would be strange if an otherwise terrible casino site had the best games, right? So, checking the casino itself is your first port of call.

Look for the software developers involved

If you’re someone who’s really into your crypto games, you probably already know the names of some of the best software developers. You may even have a few favourites of your own. But it’s not just a case of liking a particular style of design: the quality of the software developers is also a clear reflection of the fairness you can expect.

World class developers creating what are widely considered some of the best crypto games, and indeed, games in general don’t get to that level of reputation by ripping people off. Therefore, in order to understand a game, check out the developer behind it.

See what others people’s experiences are

Speaking of reputation, one way to shortlist the best casino games is to see how other people like them. You can check if there are any serious complaints about a game through research and also often see which games are most popular on a lot of casino sites.

That’s always a great place to start, especially if one of the best crypto games in terms of popularity has been around for a long time. That means they have fans coming back time and time again because they enjoy it so much. On a similar note…

Check how long a game has been around

We want to preface this by saying that, of course, a game being new doesn’t mean it’s not fair or secure – far from it. What we’re saying though is we can’t think of a much better indication of those things than a game title having been around for a long time without a bad word to its name.

A solid reputation standing for a long time is a really great accolade, and if it also managed to be one of the most popular, you’re really onto a serious candidate for the best crypto games.

Check for independent verification

Last but not least, the ultimate test for a secure and fair casino game is independent verification that an operator’s games are both fair and random. Keep in mind that this is done across an operator’s entire library, meaning it really does take the stress out of things. It also means that instead of worrying about the fairness of a game, you can concentrate on other things for finding the best crypto game for you.

Editor’s recommendation – the best operator

A huge part of finding the best crypto games for you is also finding the right operator. Generally, these two go hand in hand – as we said, it would be rather strange for a terrible casino to have great games and vice versa. In order to figure out which casino is right for you, there’s a whole bunch of things you can check, many of which we have covered on this site in many different articles.

Consider, for instance, the kind of games you’re looking for. The only way we can analyse the quality of an operator’s game variety is with a ‘more is better’ approach. However, if the only games you play are slot games, for instance, then an operator lacking much in the way of other casino games may be irrelevant to you. Of course, you’ll also need to consider the security checks we mentioned earlier, along with if you like the general ambience and style of a betting site, to give but a few examples.

Most important is to check out the site for yourself. Consider playing with a small amount to get an idea of the kind of experience – welcome bonuses and free spins are wonderful for this kind of insight. And always remember, from the casino to the crypto games, it’s all about getting the most enjoyment you can.

This is how our experts test operators

As we mentioned earlier, one of the key tricks to looking for the best crypto games is to look for the best casino sites, as they tend to go hand in hand. You should therefore consider your search  for the best operator itself. With that said, here are 10 things we do when testing.

1. Do the operator security tests

Of course, the starting point when looking for the games, once again, is to check the operator itself is trustworthy. It’s just good common sense, so we make sure to check for encryption, privacy policy, responsible gaming measures and all that vital stuff.

2. Conduct the game security tests

We discussed this at length earlier so we won’t repeat ourselves here, but all crypto games should be provably fair and random, preferably with verification from a third-party auditor.

3. See what games are available

Another obvious step is to see which games are actually available. Do keep in mind that most are not exclusively crypto games, so what we mean by this is games that are available to players using cryptocurrency. Of course, you can’t be a candidate for the best crypto game if you’re not even available to those players.

4. Check out the site

Just like we advised our readers, there’s no substitute to experiencing a site yourself for an unbeatable insight into what makes them tick. The first step then is to simply explore the site and see how it feels and who we think it would appeal to.

5. Play the  games

Once we’ve had a look around and got a feel for the place, it’s time to actually try out those games. After all, how else are you going to find the best crypto game for you? We’ll be looking for creativity as well as quality here.

6. Test the technical limitations

Here, we’re referring to both that of the games and the site itself. Checking how things are from a technical perspective is really simple: you just do everything you can on the site which you think will put it under the most technical strain. Live casinos are a perfect example of this.

7. Review the promotions

If there’s one thing that can make the best crypto games even better, it’s great promotions to further enhance the experience. Important here is what is available to users of cryptocurrency, as in many cases, only traditional payment methods can be utilised for qualifying bets.

8. Examine the terms and conditions

Often promotions can look great but their terms and conditions tell a different story. So, we check to see if the proof is in the pudding and if there’s any nasty surprises which prevent a bonus from being worth your while. We also check the general terms and conditions on the site to get a more accurate idea of their policies.

9. Look for the Help section

Another vital thing to look for is the Help section, which should be your first place to check if you’re having trouble with things like games not loading or any other questions you may have.

10. Contact customer service

Of course, no Help section negates the need for quality customer service, so we not only see what options are available but also check how fast and well they respond. It’s not just about the best games but the best operators too.

Finding the right operator for you

One thing we want to make clear is that there is no such thing as one best crypto game. There are absolutely wide variations in quality but when you get to the top level of candidates, it often comes down to preference. It would be unfair, for instance, for us to compare the merits of a slot game to a game of blackjack. There’s a lot of variety with casinos – it’s one of our favourite things about them – but it does mean that it’s unfair to call one the best over the other.

Instead, what we want you to focus on is finding the best games for you. Making sure you follow our steps for fair and secure gaming experience, and utilising our casino recommendations and tests, will provide you with a benchmark of quality. From that point, you can concentrate on what you want from a game.


Everything when it comes to casinos is connected. If you can find a great operator, you can usually find great games. And if you can find an operator you can trust, it’s much more likely they will have games you can trust. This is true for any cryptocurrencies.

What this means is, that by ensuring you only accept a minimum level of quality – which is exactly what we aim to provide with our recommendations – you can concentrate on finding the right games and operators for you. Remember that casinos are all about having a good time and that should always be your experience. Our job is to make sure that is the case.