Who Should Make Use of This Crypto Casino Comparison?

This comparison is aimed at anyone that wants to enjoy the benefits of using cryptocurrency when playing at the best online casinos in New Zealand. The trend for crypto gambling is growing with each passing year, and it might make sense to use Bitcoin or an altcoin when funding your account.

The decentralized nature of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies means you cut out the middleman. You conduct direct, peer-to-peer transactions with a Bitcoin casino, so there are no handling fees or conversion fees. Banking with crypto is therefore quicker, safer and cheaper than using a fiat currency like NZD.

This guide is perfect for seasoned casino players that want to benefit from quicker withdrawals, and newcomers to the wonderful world of online gambling that already hold crypto. If you do not have a crypto wallet, this article teaches you how to set one up, explains where to buy crypto and offers a step-by-step guide on how to fund your online casino account using crypto. It is therefore perfect for experienced gamblers, veteran crypto enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

How to Identify the Best Crypto Casinos

Several online casinos have embraced the cryptocurrency revolution by adding Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others as payment methods. However, it can be difficult to identify the best cryptocurrency casino sites from the crowd, so look out for these key traits:

Quick Transactions

Crypto transfers should be a lot quicker than traditional banking methods. Casino players are often forced to wait for several business days to receive bank wire transfers after requesting a withdrawal, but you should receive your crypto transfer within less than an hour. However, some online casinos process payments much quicker than others. Some sites take a day or two to process payments, which is unhelpful, so look out for sites that guarantee same day payments for crypto users. All crypto deposits and withdrawals should be free.

Game Quality

The best Bitcoin casino sites work with the world’s leading software providers to offer a diverse range of high-quality games. You should find hundreds, if not thousands, of slots, table games and speciality games to choose from, ranging from old-school classics to the latest new releases. A great crypto casino will generally feature live dealer games from Evolution Gaming, and slots from the likes of Microgaming, Playtech and IGT, plus many smaller studios. You should find progressive jackpots, game show style offerings, scratchcards, and much more.


There are several crypto casino New Zealand sites vying for your attention, and many of them offer bonuses and promotions in order to stand out from the crowd. This is not possible at anonymous Bitcoin casino sites, but if you have to register your details you should benefit from a competitive sign-up bonus, a strong suite of ongoing promotions and a lucrative loyalty scheme. Remember to read the small print, because some bonuses carry onerous wagering requirements, making them less attractive than they initially sound. If a Bitcoin casino does not offer bonuses, it should instead carry lots of games with a high RTP.

User Experience

The leading crypto casinos are a pleasure to use. They should be easy to navigate, intuitively designed and aesthetically pleasing, without any clutter on the pages. The best Bitcoin casino sites have a search function that allows you to find games and software providers quickly, along with various shortcuts and features that enhance the user experience.


You should only sign up for an account with a crypto casino that has a long history of paying customers out in full and on time. Avoid sites that have a history of late payments or withholding payments for spurious reasons. Go for reputable sites that have a loyal customer base, and offer transparency. They should be licensed, regulated and very clear about things like RTP, bonus terms, bet limits, banking limits and gaming rules. You should also be able to access strong, effective customer support on a 24/7 basis via live chat, phone or email, and find a comprehensive FAQ section on the site.

Editor’s Recommendation – Take a look at BitStarz

BitStarz is an excellent choice for anyone that wants to play at a high-quality crypto casino. It features a broad range of excellent games from respected, licensed software providers like Evolution, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil and Asia Gaming. The breadth of the range is phenomenal, with more than 3,000 to choose from.

That range includes slots, jackpots, table games, live casino games and specific BTC games. The user experience is excellent. The search function works well, and you can sort by game or software provider. It is an attractive site, and the games are neatly boxed on each page.

It is easy to see why BitStarz has won awards. It provides 24/7 live chat support, the average cash out time is just 10 minutes, and it has more than 2.7 million players spread across the globe. This crypto casino accepts players in New Zealand. It will double your initial deposit up to 1 BTC for its welcome bonus, which is an absolutely colossal sign-up bonus when you consider just how valuable a single Bitcoin is now.

How Our Experts Test Crypto Casino Sites

Our team of expert reviewers will sign up for accounts with all the different casinos that accept crypto and operate in New Zealand. They will then put each site through its paces, according to a number of key criteria. Our reviewers assess how quick, simple and secure the registration process is. They check the number of cryptocurrencies available, and make a note of the limits.

The reviewers then make crypto deposits into their accounts and monitor how long it takes the funds to arrive. They then play several games for real money, checking to see if the graphics are sharp and the RNG algorithms appear to be working correctly. They will assess game quality and game variety, focusing on the number of reputable software providers represented.

We score each site on the strength of the user experience, making sure the search function works well, the pages are laid out clearly, navigation is simple, shortcuts are effective and information is displayed in a clear and transparent format. Our reviewers interact with the customer service team and gauge how effective, friendly and helpful the responses are, while making a note of any waiting times.

We then make withdrawals. We follow the process closely, checking to see how long it takes the casino to approve the payout request and how quickly and reliably it arrives in our wallet.

Our reviewers will also perform a thorough historical analysis of each casino. Who owns it? Does it have sister sites that are reputable and trustworthy, or does the group have a history of failing to pay its customers on time? What is the security record like? Does it use SSL encryption software? What do customers think of it? Does it regularly innovate? Has it won industry awards? Is it licensed and regulated by a respected body?

Once we have answered all of these questions and compiled all the necessary information, we pit the various crypto casino New Zealand operators against one another, and recommend the best of the best to our readers. Our reviewers regularly return to these sites to check that they continue to uphold high standards. If those standards slip, they will fall off our list. If new and exciting operators emerge, they can earn a place on our list of the best Bitcoin casinos.

Finding the Best Crypto Casino for You

You can find your perfect crypto casino by figuring out the type of games you like, the limits that suit your bankroll and the bonuses that appeal the most. Some Bitcoin casinos are really strong on slots, but weak when it comes to live dealer table games. The opposite is true at other sites.

Some online casinos are set up for casual players, as they have low limits and attractive promotions. Others cater to high rollers with VIP schemes, exclusive online lounges and high wagering limits. You can also work out your list of priorities. Some players value an attractive welcome bonus and ongoing promotions highly, whereas others are more concerned about the number of high RTP games on offer.

You should also check whether the casino accepts the cryptocurrency you want to use. Many casinos accept Bitcoin, but the altcoins on offer generally differ from one casino to the next. Some people value 24/7 customer service, particularly if they like playing late at night, but it is less of an issue for others. Ask yourself a series of questions about the sort of casino player you are, and you will soon figure out your priorities and find your perfect match.

Benefits of Using Crypto at Online Casinos

Cryptocurrency offers casino players several key advantages over trading banking methods using fiat currencies:


Crypto is typically the fastest way to receive funds from an online casino. The money does not need to be sent via a bank or an e-wallet provider, as it just goes straight from the crypto casino company’s wallet to your wallet. That cuts out the mind-numbing waiting times that many online casino players have been forced to endure over the years. Bitcoin is very quick, and certain altcoins are even faster, so you should be able to request a payout at any time of day and receive it quickly.


Some people are reluctant to use online casinos because they do not want to enter their bank details on web forms. They are worried about hackers, identity theft and other security issues. Crypto transactions can be a lot safer, as you never need to provide the best crypto casino sites with your bank details. You simply copy a long address from the online casino, enter it on your crypto wallet and make the transaction.


Some Bitcoin casinos are anonymous, which brings a few benefits to certain players. It means that you can play at these sites from anywhere in the world. It also means they cannot limit your play if you are successful, and they will not bombard you with marketing material, as they do not have your number or email address.

Attractive Odds

Bitcoin casinos should be able to offer better odds, because accepting crypto allows them to operate on slimmer margins. There is no need for them to pay banking fees, foreign exchange fees and so on, because the decentralized nature of most cryptocurrencies means that there is nobody else involved in the transaction. The best crypto casinos will pass on a portion of those savings on to their customers, either in the form of games with attractive odds, or lucrative bonuses, so you might stand a better chance of earning an overall profit by choosing crypto over a fiat currency for online casino play. The same goes for the best betting providers who accept crypto.

How to Fund a Crypto Casino Account

This step-by-step guide explains how to deposit money into a cryptocurrency casino:

How to Mitigate the Risk of Crypto Volatility

There are numerous advantages to using cryptocurrency for deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. The only potential downside is the volatility of these coins. They regularly increase or decrease by 10% or more in value during a single day. If the coin increases by the time you withdraw your winnings, you essentially win twice. However, if your chosen cryptocurrency plummets, it can seriously eat into your winnings.

One way to mitigate this risk is to make a deposit, play for a set period of time, withdraw to your wallet when your session is finished and covert your funds. You can swap them for a fiat currency, or convert them to Tether, which tracks the price of the US dollar. Then you only have to worry about the NZD-USD exchange rate, which is not prone to wild fluctuations. You can actually use Tether at some online casinos, which is helpful, as it is a stablecoin and protects you from volatility.

Best Cryptocurrencies to Use At Crypto Casinos

Casino players are generally limited in the range of cryptocurrencies they can use for deposits and withdrawals. They do not accept niche altcoins, but many allow you to use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP (Ripple) and Stellar. The best option is probably Bitcoin, as it is by far the largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

You can buy Bitcoin at all cryptocurrency exchanges, or earn it via crypto mining, and it is now widely seen as a key asset for anyone that wants to hold value. Many liken it to digital gold. It fluctuates, and goes through bearish cycles, but the overall price trajectory over the past decade is extremely positive, so you might not have to worry about short-term depreciation if you plan to hold for a long period of time.

Ethereum is another strong option. Ethereum is actually a network that facilitates decentralized apps, transactions and other decentralized finance projects. Ether is the native token for the Ethereum network, and you can find it at most sites that allow you to buy crypto currency online. Like Bitcoin, it has a number of real world uses and it is accepted at multiple online retailers, service providers and crypto casino New Zealand sites.

Bitcoin Cash was created in a hard fork from Bitcoin in 2017. It has a larger block size, which facilitates quicker transactions. You can therefore often send and receive Bitcoin Cash quicker than Bitcoin. Litecoin is an early altcoin based on Bitcoin, but designed to fuel smaller transactions, leading it to be dubbed the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. It also allows quick and secure transactions, but the future outlook for Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin is not quite as secure as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How to Buy Crypto

Many crypto trading sites allow Kiwis to buy Bitcoin, Ether and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies. The leading exchanges include Binance, Coinbase, Kraken and Gemini. Check out the crypto reviews and find a reputable site with reasonably low fees and high liquidity. Many beginners prefer Coinbase, because it is very user-friendly. More advanced traders might prefer Binance, but be warned that the Bitcoin withdrawal fees can be pretty steep if you are buying a small amount.

Once you have chosen your preferred site, you can sign up for an account. Enter your personal details, accept the terms and conditions and verify your email address. You may be required to upload photo ID and proof of physical address. You can then start to buy crypto. Click “Buy” at the top of the homepage, set NZD as your currency, choose the cryptocurrency you would like to buy and click to confirm. You will see the exchange rate and the exchange fee before confirming. You can then send the crypto to your wallet and use it to fund your online casino account.

Where to Store Crypto

You should consider storing crypto in an external wallet, as exchange-based wallets have been hacked in the past. Web-based wallets are pretty insecure, so most people choose a software wallet or a hardware wallet. You can download software crypto wallets for your desktop or mobile device. They are pretty convenient, allowing you to easily transfer money to and from an online casino.

However, they are potential targets for hacking, phishing and other scams.

The safest option is generally a hardware wallet. The downside is that you have to buy one, and they are not quite as convenient, but they allow you to store your coins offline, which is secure. They are also a lot more durable than basic paper wallets, so anyone holding a considerable amount of crypto should consider investing in a hardware wallet such as the Ledger Nano X or Trezor Model T.

Conclusion – Our final thoughts on crypto casinos

Crypto provides numerous benefits for online casino players. It can make the banking process quicker, more convenient, safer and cheaper. You just have to stick to trustworthy, reputable online casinos that have a lengthy history of treating customers fairly and paying out on time. Also make sure you trade at established crypto exchanges with high liquidity, low slippage and reasonable fees, and consider investing in a hardware wallet to keep your crypto safe. Using stablecoins like Tether can protect you from price volatility in the crypto market.