Who should make use of the comparison?

Just to be clear here, we’re discussing all the different elements that make up betting with bitcoin, from football betting with bitcoin to esports, for instance. And considering you can bet on pretty much everything you can with traditional payment options with crypto betting nowadays – especially with the immensely popular bitcoin – that makes the scale of its appeal truly vast.

Essentially, if you’re someone who uses bitcoin – or is considering doing so for security, anonymity or any other reason – and you also want to bet online, then we would say you fall perfectly into the fold of people who could benefit from bitcoin betting sites.

Whether it’s sports betting with bitcoin, something like casino, bingo or poker betting, there’s an absolutely mammoth selection of high quality options available to you. This means you don’t have to worry about finding one to suit your needs. In fact, you’re more likely to be spoiled for choice.

Operator Checklist: Top 5 steps for a secure & fair gambling experience

The variety on offer in betting markets is vast amongst crypto bookmakers, however, the things which make them both fair and secure remain generally the same. Although there’s an example here that relates to crypto sports betting and casinos specifically, the rest we test regardless of the kind of betting site we’re talking about.

It’s worth pointing out too that many betting sites are jack-of-all-trades, meaning they offer more than one key kind of market, with many offering casinos, sportsbooks and some even having things like dedicated poker rooms. That means we end up taking most of these steps on all our recommendations. In any case, if you want to see what you can do to ensure a secure and fair experience, here’s five steps we recommend.

Check for licensing

This is a really obvious place to start but that’s because it’s so important. Whether you’re talking about cryptocurrency sports betting or any other kind, a good license ensures that the site you are using is legitimate and also that they’re accountable to some kind of governing body.

The only thing you really need to note here is that not all licenses are considered as good and have the same criteria, meaning that you should – and we do – always check not only that they have a license, but that they have one with a good reputation as well. The UK Gambling Commission is one such example, but there are many others.

Make sure your data is encrypted

Pay special attention to this one. As bitcoin betting sites offer greater security, an unfortunate reaction to that is that people sometimes take encryption less seriously. This is a pretty serious mistake. Bitcoin is safer but that doesn’t mean that no other security measures need to be considered.

Encryption ensures that all the data you enter on the operator is kept safe from cyber criminals. Any good bookmaker utilises encryption, and information in this regard can generally be found on their site, likely within a terms and conditions or Help section.

Ensure they’re taking responsible gaming seriously

You may be sports betting with bitcoin and think this doesn’t apply to you. And in terms of you needing to utilise such facilities, perhaps it doesn’t. Most people have no issue gaming responsibly and don’t need any additional help. Even if this is the case for you, it’s still wise to look at what your chosen operator is doing in this regard because it’s a reflection of how seriously they take the care of their customer in general.

In other words, even if a lack of time outs, for example, doesn’t affect you directly, the attitude which bore that decision may in some other way. It’s what it says about the bookmaker, as much as the practicalities of this individual issue.

Look for independent verification

Now we move onto some more specific security checks and this one relates to casino games. Essentially, independent verification ensures the casino games available are provably fair and random. This fact is evidenced by a certificate or approval of an independent, third party company whose job it is to test games on both of those criteria. Put simply, this means that when you play casino games, you have a fair and reasonable chance of winning.

Research the quality of the odds

Moving onto one which is specific to sports betting with bitcoin is the odds on different sports markets. Obviously, good odds are all about fairness. This may seem complicated but a few quick checks can provide a solid indicator of whether you can generally expect quality from your operator.

The first really simple one is to see whether they have a good reputation in this regard. Trust us, if it’s a reasonably well-known operator and they have less than stellar odds, it will be pretty much a public record.

The other way is to actually add up all of the possible odds, so for example with football betting with bitcoin, you could add up both the odds of each team winning and the odds of a draw and convert them to percentages. The amount above 100% is known as the overround, or the bookmaker’s edge. It’s essentially how they can consistently make money. The closer that number is to 100%, to better odds you have.

Editor’s recommendation – the best operator

We’re going to be putting together a list of how our experts test operators to provide you with the best possible recommendations in the following section. But before that, it’s a good idea to consider what kind of operator you’re looking for. Like we said, there’s room for sports betting with bitcoin, casino, poker and even options dedicated to the likes of e-sports and betting exchanges.

Consider what your priorities are and remember that if you can’t decide, you can generally find a betting site that does it all. Also remember that there’s nothing stopping you from signing up to more than one of the best crypto betting sites if you want.

This is how our experts test operators

Whether it’s bitcoin football betting or anything else, our tests on betting sites remain largely the same. Alongside the security tests we utilise – which is always our first priority, as nothing is more important than staying safe when betting with bitcoin – there’s a whole host of other things we do to ensure that everything we recommend is of the highest possible standards. With that in mind, here’s 10 tests we undertake before making a recommendation.

1. Make the security checks

Just as we mentioned in the introduction, we do indeed start off with all those security checks we recommended earlier in this article. Your security matters most, so that’s where we begin.

2. Take a look at the variety

Whether it’s casino slots or a bitcoin sportsbook, the variety on offer is always of great importance. This can also include whether both of these types of markets are included on an operator. The more the merrier here, as all this simply means the site can appeal to a wider demographic.

3. Check out the looks of the site

Now this is a bit tricky because the aesthetic part of betting with bitcoin often comes down to a matter of taste and preference. Some people may like the look of a site, others may not. However we do think some basic standards in this regard can be expected.

4. Evaluate the structure of a site

When we talk about structure, what we actually mean is how well it’s laid out. This is important equally for bitcoin sports betting sites as it is for casinos. Everything should be logically put together and easy to find. You may not think about it as often as some other points, but it’s a big part of your enjoyment of the operator.

5. Test the technical side of things

Our final look into the design of a betting site is whether everything works as it should from a technical perspective. By this we mean whether everything loads and responds smoothly, and in the case of bitcoin betting sports live, whether there is any lag or interference.

6. See what mobile options are available

Something that is becoming ever more important is the inclusion of mobile options in all kinds of websites, including the world of online gaming. Not only are the options important but so is the execution, so we check that you can use the site on your phone as well as its performance.

7. Chat to customer service

No matter how good a betting site is, customer service is always a must have. We look at the contact options available and also check them out for ourselves to see the quality of the responses.

8. Examine the banking options

Obviously, it’s not sports betting with bitcoin if the cryptocurrency isn’t even an option. So, we check that it is, as well as the fees, expected transaction times and what other options are available. After all, more options can only broaden a site’s appeal.

9. Research the reputation

This is something we don’t actually check on the bitcoin betting sites themselves. However, the reputation of an operator is vitally important in understanding what makes them tick and whether we can consider our experience to be typical. Speaking of our experience…

10. Finally, use the site

The most important thing we can do to generally get an impression of what kind of operator we are dealing with is to spend time on them. This means checking out the live streams, seeing if there’s any community and engaging with it, checking out bonuses, alongside playing the games when it comes to casino sites.

An operator can look great on paper but until we try it out and see if they can put it all together, we can’t say whether it’s worthy of a recommendation.

Finding the right operator for you

All the tests we do are with one goal and that’s to ensure everything we recommend meets the highest possible standards. However, it’s important to note that part of what makes a great betting site is meeting your own personal needs.

There’s not one best bitcoin betting site. You could be looking for sports betting with bitcoin, but betting with bitcoin can also mean casinos, bingo or anything else that’s available. That means a site that’s perfect for you may not be perfect for another person. This also goes for things like the importance of betting on the go, aesthetic, all those kinds of things.

Our recommendations are a platform for you to then go and find the perfect online betting experience for your individual needs, knowing that everything you’re looking at meets a high standard. So, you can concentrate on what you enjoy rather than whether the operator in question is of a decent quality.


One of the things that’s so great about how popular bitcoin betting sites have become is the sheer amount of choice that’s available. This idea that they remain a niche is by now, completely false. There’s a massive amount of options out there, meaning that if you can bet on it through traditional payment methods, you should have no issue betting with bitcoin.

On top of that, this amount of competition with bitcoin betting sites also means that the level of quality that’s available is at an absolute all time high. Not only can you bet on what you want with bitcoin, but you can also do so at operators with incredibly high standards, as long as you know where to look.