Baseball – All you need to know

Also known as the United States’ national pastime, baseball is the second most popular sport across the US and the 7th in the world.

The origin of baseball is difficult to trace back fully. However, as early as 1344, we can see a French manuscript containing an illustration of clerics playing a game, sharing many similarities to baseball. By 1744, the term “base-ball” was referenced in A Little pretty-pocket book, a children’s book by John Newbery, and by the early 1830s, bat-and-ball games had made their way to North America.

In America, around the late 1880s, we saw the birth of baseball as we see it today, with major leagues beginning to set up and rules falling into place. After World War 2, professional leagues were founded globally, including Mexico, Puerto Rico, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Since then, the rules have been ironed out, proper league formats and schedules are adhered to, and the game has continued to prove popular worldwide.

At Captain Gambling, our expert baseball predictions cover the US, as well as the international scene. Of course, we understand the appeal of the big league match-ups. So, if you are specifically after some major league action, you will do well to take a look through our MLB predictions page too.


A brief guide to baseball betting – Finding the best betting tips for baseball

When it comes to creating our baseball betting tips, our experts have to consider a lot of factors. Although specific teams may have a skill or tactical edge on paper, US sports fans will know that no game is won until the final whistle… or last pitch! Below, we highlight a few extra checks our team does before making our baseball predictions.


Despite hosting a team sheet that does not look as handsome as their competition or finding themselves situated lower amongst the rankings, you cannot count a team out who is on top form. We at Captain Gambling believe form can boost morale, self-belief, and trust amongst your team members, a frightening combination for any pitcher to go against.

As well as the overall form, it is worth reviewing the home and away statistics. When compiling our baseball predictions for today, we almost always find some interesting facts!


Generally, the starting pitcher will look to be replaced around his hundredth pitch. With the potential in some leagues to play over 150 games, it makes sense that head coaches would want to keep their star pitcher fresh and healthy for as many games as possible. The Bullpen is where any potential relievers warm up.

Although our tips on baseball will rely heavily on the starting pitcher, our dedicated team will be scouring the Bullpen for some insurance.


As spectators and life-long fans of the sport, our experts would love nothing more than to watch baseball matches in the sun, with a slight breeze in the air, and a pretzel in hand. However, as we all know, that cannot always be the case! The weather can have an interesting impact on our baseball predictions, particularly if a pitcher has a preference on how they throw – It is safe to say curveballs and wind do not mix!

Why trust our betting tips? – Years of experience uncovering the best baseball bets for today

With the help of our website, finding free sports betting tips could not be easier. So easy, in fact, we bet a few of you are reading this from a tiny screen sat in the palm of your hands!

So, why trust us? Well, the team here at Captain Gambling is dedicated to providing the best baseball predictions for today. As fans first, they know what it is like to experience the thrill of the game and enjoy a hot dog or two while waiting for their in-play wagers to come in.

Not only this, but their unparalleled knowledge of baseball allows our experts to decipher stats, facts, and figures surrounding leagues, players, and coaches in such a way that we can provide our readers with the top baseball predictions fast.

Similar to our soccer tipsters, our baseball experts live and breathe the game. With a keen eye for detail and a genuine passion for the sport, it’s no surprise so many use our Captain Gambling baseball predictions to help them on their wagering journeys.

Our key to success: The tools we use to analyze the daily betting market – How we discover betting tips for baseball

The next section of our baseball predictions guide focuses on how our experts curate their list of the best baseball betting tips.

With the potential to enjoy and place wagers on this incredible sport around the globe, our stat-happy team is quick to gather as much important data surrounding the teams, leagues, players, and coaches, as possible.

However, our research doesn’t end there. As we’ve already suggested, the web is a wonderful thing – it brought you here after all! Not only that, but it also gives our experts the ability to quickly explore team websites, player social media pages, review news articles, and plenty more.

From here, our experts use tried and tested methods to uncover the most probable outcomes – hopefully, the most profitable too!

Although there are no guarantees in the world of online sports betting, one thing we can guarantee is our experts leave no stone unturned on their mission to provide our readers with the best baseball predictions around.

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Things you should think about before placing a baseball bet – Build your own baseball betting portfolio

Here at Captain Gambling, we insist you take advantage of our baseball betting tips. But we also insist you take some time to consider a few key things before you do!

Create a strategy

As well as providing you with top tips on baseball, our experts want to encourage you to build your own betting strategy. Don’t panic – this isn’t as complex as it sounds. By strategy, our experts want you to consider the types of bets you wish to place, what competitions you wish to place wagers on, and where.

Set your limits

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of wagering on baseball, particularly with such a high quantity of sporting action and betting markets available. Have a look at your current income and decide on a realistic amount of money you could lose. Lose? We know it’s not the most positive approach – however, nothing is guaranteed in sports betting. Once you have decided your daily, weekly, or monthly total, head on over to your account and get your limits set.


If you have placed wagers in the past that haven’t quite gone to plan, can you explain why? We at Captain Gambling believe one of the best tools to utilize before placing a bet is reviewing and reflecting on past bets. Maybe you got a little carried away and created a 10-fold parlay; perhaps you selected too many underdogs to win, whatever it may have been – keeping a log of your wins and losses is a great way to spot trends.

Our Top 5 tips for finding your favorite bookie for baseball – Where to place your baseball predictions for today

At Captain Gambling, you can find our top recommendations for US bookmakers on-site. However, for those of you looking to begin your baseball betting journey, or those interested in what goes into finding the best bookmakers across the US, we’ve highlighted our top 5 considerations below.

[toggle-wrapper layout=”sport”][toggle-item title=”Valid Licensing”]As noted in our American football betting tips guide, the security and licensing of any platform should be the first consideration before depositing any of your hard-earned cash. Due to the state-specific laws associated with sports betting in the US, it is imperative you find a site that hosts a valid license in your residing state.[/toggle-item][toggle-item title=”Usability & Accessibility”]Whether you are betting on the go or from home, usability is a key factor in your overall baseball betting experience. If you can create a parlay in minutes, deposit and withdraw within a few clicks, and skip through markets freely, you’ll get a big thumbs up from us.[/toggle-item][toggle-item title=”Bonus offers & Loyalty programs”]We all love a bonus! But does your site offer promotions specific to your preferred baseball market? If you are a follower of the international baseball scene, you may need to do a little digging to take full advantage of a bonus or loyalty scheme.[/toggle-item][toggle-item title=”Live Streaming & Data”]As fans first, we know how exciting it is to watch the action unfold in front of your eyes. With an operator who provides up-to-date statistics as well as a live streaming option, you can feel a part of the action. With all the match facts, you’re in a good position to place an in-play bet too![/toggle-item][toggle-item title=”Market Availability”]Baseball is a sport played on the global scale, so we are certain you won’t have any difficulty finding a sportsbook that provides some baseball betting action. However, if you follow a particular team or league, it is always worth checking if you can bet on your favorites. A few options other than moneyline or spread would be nice too![/toggle-item][/toggle-wrapper]

Useful baseball betting tip vocabulary – Lingo to help place your baseball betting tips

Ace – The best starting pitcher on a baseball team.

Assist – When an outfield player throws the ball before an out is made.

Batter – The player who is currently at-bat.

Bullpen – The warm-up area for relief pitchers.

Dinger – A term used to describe a home run.

Goose egg – When a team fails to score a run during an inning

Home run – A batted ball that results in a batter reaching the home plate.

Moneyline – An outright bet placed on a team to win.

Pitcher – The player who throws the ball to batters.

Rookie – A baseball player who is in his first season.

Safe – When a baser runner makes it to the next base or home plate.

Single – When a batter hits the ball and reaches first base.

Whiff – When a batter swings and misses.

Conclusion – Where to find the best baseball predictions for today

As we conclude our baseball predictions guide, we wanted to leave you with some top takeaways to ensure your wagering stays happy, healthy, and (hopefully) profitable!

First, find an online sportsbook that has a valid license within your state. Take advantage of our operator reviews on-site if you need a hand!

Second, reflect on your wins and losses. We at Captain Gambling can do a lot of the hard work for you, but if a moneyline bet doesn’t seem to be working in your favor, it could be time to try a different approach,

Finally, enjoy the process. We are all fans of baseball – that’s why you’ve found yourself making use of this guide! But if you like betting on other sports too, head on over to our basketball predictions for today here at Captain Gambling.

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Baseball Predictions FAQs


[faq-item headline=”❓ Where can I find the best baseball tips for today?”]

At CaptainGambling our experts could be considered the most passionate and analytical betting professionals around. They’ve spent years working in the industry and have curated a sure-fire way to help you discover the best baseball tips around. Whether you are an MLB fan or a fan of the international scene, we have got some great tips waiting for you on-site. [/faq-item]

[faq-item headline=” Where can I find the best bookie for baseball?”]

Our guide on the best baseball predictions is packed with interesting information surrounding the baseball betting scene. Here, you can boost your knowledge on the international game, discover how our experts predict the outcomes of future match-ups, as well as viewing our top tips on how to select the best sportsbook for baseball!  [/faq-item]

[faq-item headline=” Can I make money with baseball betting tips?”]The team here at CaptainGambling are proud to offer some of the best baseball tips around. Hours of dedicated research goes into each match, with reviews of players, teams, leagues, and sporting news just the tip of the iceberg.Once our experts have done all the number crunching, it’s time to piece our best baseball predictions together. While these are based on the most probable outcomes, it is important to know that nothing is guaranteed in the world of sports betting.  [/faq-item]


Betting Tips on Baseball

Our experts have been at it again – this time, they’ve been scouring the web to bring you the best betting tips on baseball from around the globe.

Below, we bring your baseball betting knowledge and lingo up to speed. We offer a brief insight into how baseball came to be, things you should think about before placing your baseball bets, our key to success, as well as how you can find the perfect bookie for baseball.




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