CBD.Limited – The Voice of the European CBD Industry

Who is CBD.Limited?

CBD.Limited is the only pan-European membership organization that is devoted to remove the limits that the producers, researchers, media makers, traders and consumers of Cannabinoids in the hemp sector are currently facing. We equally represent the interest of CBD producing, processing companies and trading companies and focus on delivering straight forward products to the end customer.

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Why is CBD.Limited?

“CBD.Limited” was originally formed in 2019 when the European Commission declared Cannabinoids as a so-called Novel Food.
This event limited the whole CBD industry in Europe. At first only CBD was put on the list. Afterwards all cannabinoids followed and many fine companies were forced to relabel their foodstuff to something else, just to stay alive.

Limited Cannabinoid Education

Our work focuses on the elementary education work that needs to be done regarding Cannabinoids in the Political landscape to widen the scope of cannabinoid use cases in the Food, Health and Cosmetic Sector. CBD.Limited is not limited to one field of work or jurisdiction. We consider ourselves as an aid for policymakers to provide them with accurate and objective information about use cases for cannabinoids.


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European CBD Limits

Our principal aim is to track EU hemp associated policies and to supply that to EU decision-makers with accurate and trustworthy information across various spheres of competencies. CBD.Limited is presently tracking these coverages: CAP reform, Hemp extracts/Novel Food regulation, THC limits in food and feed, Life Cycle Assessment of hemp substances, Cannabinoid Studies, Food&Cosmetic Use Cases of Cannabinoids.


CBD.Limited narcotic value

CBD products are controversially discussed. The critical examination of the growing market and supply of CBD products is important and correct in itself, not least in terms of consumer protection. However, the current lack of expertise and the associated lack of knowledge on the subject of CBD lead to undifferentiated accusations. One of the many misconceptions: CBD is hash, has an intoxicating effect and is, therefore, an illegal drug.

This view has recently been overthrown due to lobbying from various organisations, but yet not only the view as CBD as a medication is still lurking the criminalisation of once food products to become only accessible through pharmaceutical companies. But also people are being criminalised for buying or selling CBD hemp products in various member states.



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CBD:Limited justified allegations

The fact is, however, that this claim has no basis and is simply wrong. The scientific consensus is that CBD has no mind-altering effect and thus the alleged classification as a narcotic is incorrect. The effect of CBD (cannabidiol) is in no way to be confused with the psychotropic intoxication caused by tetrahydrocannabinol – better known as THC. On the other hand, cannabidiol has positive effects, for example, it relieves pain, cramps and anxiety.



Limited Toxicity qualify hemp extracts as food

And despite its medical side effects it can be considered as foodstuff since it has no toxicological effect whatsoever. This view was accepted by the European High Court in 2009 as they stated that the word ‘cannabis’ does not merely refer to drugs and to certain therapeutic substances.

Secondly, hemp is lawfully used in the production of foodstuffs and beverages. Moreover, it stated that it is apparent from Article 4 of Directive 88/388 that the use of flavourings which do not contain any element or substance in a toxicologically dangerous quantity is permitted.



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CBD:Limited novelty

And yet the European Union classified Cannabinoids as a novel food in the wake of 2019, retroactively banning all Cannabinoid products from the food industry and likewise bashing all European CBD producers in the realms of illegality.



CBD.Limited non medical studies

Despite this fact, there is currently a lack of comprehensive studies and reliable research results on the subject of CBD. The result: uncertainty prevails in politics as well as among the responsible authorities and associations. Against this backdrop, it becomes clear that research funding and educational work regarding the mode of action of CBD products are needed to ensure transparency. Among other things, these are precisely the tasks to which the cbd.limited initiative has dedicated itself.


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