The CBD-Market

The Market

While Consumer Protection shall be our prime goal, it is mandatory for us to respect the free markets and to give small business owners, organic farmers and hemp producers the same possibilities, multi-million Euro funded corporations have, by setting a clear and efficient ruleset for voluntary self-regulation of Europe’s already most regulated plant and it’s products.

Consumer Confidence shall be our prime goal

While Cannabinoids seem to have no or very few side effects, they shall be treated as such. CBD is no Caffeine. It has no lethal dose and consumers shall have the possibility to decide for themselves how much they want to buy and in which concentrations. These Products are non toxic and while everybody can buy alcohol, caffeine, and other possible harmful drugs, cannabinoids that are non toxic shall be treated as such. We want to stop policiy makers to merely serve the wishes of pharmacological companies which only want to keep a) prices up and b) limit access to one of the worlds finest plant products.


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CBD as an ingredient in lifestyle products

CBD is an ingredient with which a wide variety of products are enriched today. These include, for example, edible oils and essential oils. Cannabidiol is not only the main active component of the industrial hemp plant, but also a popular ingredient in food supplements and luxury foods such as chocolate, coffee and tea. Last but not least, the natural extract is added to many creams and ointments, so CBD has also reached the beauty industry. The reason for the great popularity of CBD products is not only the positive effects that cannabidiol has. Consumers’ newfound awareness of natural products is also contributing to the increasing demand for CBD products.

The effect of CBD

CBD does not have any intoxicating effects. Contrary to this widespread misconception, studies suggest that cannabidiol has positive effects, including sedative and neuroprotective effects. While it has a wide range of positive effects, such as calming,  anti inflammatory and pain releaving, it should not be treated just as a medication rather like a plant extract with medical effects. – like vitamins or sage extracts. 

Back Pain
Stress-relieving effect

anti-inflammatory effects
Relaxing effect for anxiety and sleep disorders

Antibacterial and anti-itching effects
pain-relieving effect

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