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The CBD.Limited Initiative: An Overview


CBD products are available almost everywhere – whether in stationary trade or online. But the European Policy makers make it seem like it is only a product for pharmaceutical Companies and try to regulate it in ways that have nothing in common with free enterprise. They make it seem like there are only black sheep on the market and even other NGOs want to over regulate the market so only Big players can afford to take part in it. While the Hemp markets are already the most regulated markets in the European union, the  CBD market is by no means regulated. The legal situation regarding distribution and sale is unclear and there are no binding quality standards for CBD products, so that consumers cannot distinguish between dubious and serious offers. Moreover there are uncertainties regarding percentage and Quality of the products. There is a need for action. The CBD market must be steered into at least somehow controlled channels in order to ensure fair competition and consumer protection at the same time without over regulating it by setting limits in where and how products are being produced. CBD is a part of the hemp plant and therefore foodstuff as long as no one can prove toxicity or otherwise.


The PRO CBD initiative is committed to self-regulating the CBD market – for maximum transparency and respectability. Therefore, the initiative, which is composed of companies based in Germany and Europe that produce, process and distribute CBD products, pursues the following goals, among others:

Consumer Protection

We want to protect consumers from false claims and toxic products


We want. to educate people about the true natures of Cannabinoids

set up rules for fair trade

Free trade is the basis of our economy. We have to keep up these values

Build Alliances

The industry is young enough to form long lasting Alliances

Interest representation

We offer an effective representation of interests

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Risks of the CBD market

Wherever a new market emerges, there are always black sheep with dubious offers that want to profit from the growth of the market, in addition to reputable companies. This also applies to the CBD market. 

Clear Ruleset for Consumer Confidence

Regulation of the growing CBD market would ensure that the supply of CBD products becomes not only transparent, but equally safe. But regulation. has its limits where Consumers are being patronised.

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Join our movement

Become a member of the CBD.Limited initiative and make a valuable contribution to the regulation of the CBD market with your knowledge and experience.